Update from the Hospital…

Hey, All! I don’t have much time to be blogging, but I wanted to update all of you so you can pray specifically and to thank you for the many prayers already prayed on our behalf.

(See Suz’s blog for he background of what went on last night…)

We are still in the hospital with little Clark. Watching and waiting. He is MUCH more stable than last night and has not had any extensive attacks since late last night. We were transferred by ambulance last night to St. Vincent’s due to Clark’s critical condition. The virus is causing his airways to constrict and narrow, which causes him to have prolonged continuous coughing and difficulty breathing.

Thanks to wonderful friends and family watching the other 3 germies, Brad and I are both able to be with him in the unit.

Again, we are thankful for your prayers, calls, emails, comments, and LOVE. We are blessed even in this difficult time.

Trusting in Him,
The Crew

42 thoughts on "Update from the Hospital…"

  1. BreezieGirl says:

    Thanks for the update!!! My prayers will most certainly continue!!

  2. Casey's trio says:

    I’ve been thinking of you all. So glad to hear that Clark is stabilized. Hope you are all home soon!

  3. Been thinking about you…glad he’s improving and I’ll continue to pray for his and his brothers’ health!

    Hang in there…

  4. Rachel E. says:

    SO sorry to hear that Clark is back in the hospital! I am praying for a quick recovery and for peace for all of you!

  5. Christy says:

    So glad to hear he is stable. Sorry you are having to go through this! Always in our thoughts and prayers- The Boccone Family

  6. Terri says:

    Thinking of you! Hope your little guy is better and home soon!

  7. Prayers for Clark!
    (even though I don’t know you personally)

  8. I’m so sorry. The last I read he was home, I had no idea he had to return to the hospital. Hang in there and know that I’m saying a prayer not just for him but for the whole family.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Praying that Clark is home in your arms soon and also the other guys are better.

  10. Heidi says:

    So glad to hear that he is improving!! Praying that he will recover quickly and you all will be able to go home soon!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Aww,I'm so, so sorry.. how scary … I sincerely hope Clark is feeling MUCH better & stronger today. What a great person of faith you are! I admire you. -Sioby =)

  12. Anonymous says:

    praying for clark and your family.

  13. The Leonard Four says:

    my thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with your fam and especially little clark…

  14. Drea says:

    awe wow… blessing his heart!! praying for u all..

  15. Kirst says:

    Continually praying!

  16. Praying that your sweet little guy gets well soon!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lots of prayers coming your way from Australia. Hoping Clarks conditions clears and he is feeling good and back with his brothers soon.

  18. Moni Graf says:

    Hi Brad, Jen, and boys….

    Hang in there. Thinking about you all constantly. Thanks for the update and keep givin’ the Clarkster extra lovin’ from us!


  19. Anonymous says:

    Prayers being said for Clark.

  20. Praying for all of you!

  21. Praying for you with lots of love.

  22. I am glad, Clark is stable now.
    I will continue to pray for him and your family.

    A *lurker* from Germany
    Jutta Bretl, Solingen, Germany
    former Coconut Creek, FL resident

  23. Kelly says:

    Saying a prayer for Clark in MI.

  24. Joshua Green says:

    You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

  25. Jenn Brothers says:

    Hoping for a quick & speedy recovery for Clark & that the other 3 boys don't get any worse!

  26. Jay says:

    Praying for you all!

  27. Hanh in there Murray Crew. PRAYERS are a coming your way! Glad Mr. Clark is at least more stable tonight!

  28. Leigh says:

    I’m so happy you’re both able to be with him! We’ll be praying for him to be well and quickly!

    love, Leigh

  29. The Carlsons says:

    praying God takes away this croup bug from clark! our son has had it once or twice and it’s scary. i can’t even imagine the fears of it happening with a preemie. ack!!

    again, praying for quick healing, comfort and peace for clark and the rest of the crew!!!!
    -fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

  30. Emily says:

    We will be praying! Hang in there!

    The Wright Crew

  31. Marty says:

    Praying for Clark’s airways, quick healing, and for the rest of your family.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Praying for little Clark and the rest of the gang. God will see you through this, little man!
    Brad and Jen, hang in there while you watch and wait, and at the same time be seperated from your other 3 precious boys.
    Praying for a peaceful night for you all!!
    Heidi C. 🙂

  33. Stacey says:

    lots of thoughts and prayers

  34. Praying, praying!!! May the Lord be with you all during this time. and may He wash over little Clark right now and take that virus out of his body!! IN JESUS NAME HE Will!!!

  35. Lady Why says:

    Praying diligently for you this morning!

  36. Poor Clark (and mama and daddy). I am sure it scary but he is such a fighter. I am SOOO glad hes doing better. Keep us posted and know the gerwer household is thinking of you CONSTANTLY and wishes we could do somethign to help.We will continue to pray for you guys!! XO

  37. Shannon says:

    I am praying for Clark. I saw the prayer request on Mari’s blog. I will continue to keep your family in our prayers. God bless.

  38. We are praying for your little guy. Found your blog from a friend and did not know you live in Indiana too. Hopefully he will be up and well soon. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  39. Jac Tubre says:

    I just saw your Tweet that all of you are home…Congratulations! Happy Birthday boys…just a few hours early 🙂


  40. Kate says:

    Praying for you…
    Sending lots of love from Ohio.

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