When Mama’s Away, the Crew Will Play





These shots were taken during my grocery run.  Boys will be BOYS! What do your kids "get away with" when you’re out on the town?

22 thoughts on "When Mama’s Away, the Crew Will Play"

  1. Melissa says:

    Seems like when I go “out on the town” (or just to the grocery) I come home to find my 2 year old has emptied every cabinent in the kitchen while daddy was reading the paper or watching a sporting event. I keep trying to convince him that he can’t ignore the crashes!

  2. Amy says:

    I love taking pictures of my kids watching tv or on the computer. My kids usually get to stay up later than I’d like when I’m at work(I work nights)

  3. I’m sure my kids get away w/everything when I’m not here…knowing my husband and the fact there are six of them-it’s no telling what goes on when I’m gone! ;0)

  4. Lauren P says:

    My child gets to stay up past her bedtime and she can usually talk daddy into more treats/snacks/junk than she can talk mommy into.

  5. Brandi says:

    Leave them alone? You have to be kidding right?!?! I am pretty sure if I left the twinks in Daddy’s care they would still be wearing the same pj’s I left them in, and the house would look like WWII.

  6. Laura says:

    I just wish my two would sit still like that… ever. They never sit for a minute and watch movies.

    Such cuties, those boys!

  7. Jen, you have once again outdone yourself.
    Adorable pictures.

  8. PatC. says:

    My “babies” are 19 and 24 and I am just now learning everything that went on when I was out at a meeting or volunteering–stuffed animal wars, chase, daddy jumping out of the pantry at them. The list goes on and on. You may never find out everything.

  9. oh, how funny! Not sure how we’ve made it this long, but my two (at 28 months) just figured out how to take their PJs off at night…have found them in nothing but diapers several times recently..but Thank Goodness those were still on!!! 🙂

  10. Terri says:

    Love that they will just sit there and watch TV. I have tried so many times with my boys and they just don’t care!

  11. They look so well behaved. I can’t believe they are all sitting in the chairs.
    Mine get away with more with mama home than when it is a daddy run house. hee hee.

  12. mamabean says:

    wow how do those kids watch that tiny screen?

    my kids get into the snack drawer when im gone…daddy is much more lax than i am and allows them free rein to snack foods..hehe

  13. Kelly says:

    Blowing bubbles in the house, eating candy, making big kitchen messes….The list is really too long…

  14. GibsonTwins says:

    Before I'm even out the door, the twins start asking Daddy for "yemmy-yems" (M&Ms;). I don't ask any questions, that's their thing. I don't even think about what they get away with when the great grandparents are in charge. I know that I've witnessed Great Grandpa run for french fries at their request….I can only imagine 🙂

  15. I better not show this pic to claire…such hunks with no shirts 🙂 i love how all 4 are so zoned into their show! ahhh a nice little break.


  16. jenn says:

    too cute! what little men!;-)

  17. That's so cute – so was daddy or was it a sitter? 🙂 Give your little skins a hug from all of us! Party on, bros! Much Love, Mari & Gang

  18. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

    If I go to bed early, Bryan lets Jackson stay up later than I normally let him.

    They sometimes also have their “junk nights” when Bryan will let him stay up as late as he wants (on a weekend!) and eat whatever he wants. Jackson looks forward to that. He’ll get out 4 different kind of potato chips, make his spot on the couch and is ready for hunting/fishing shows.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I would say, Mrs. Murray, that if that is ALL your boys are doing while you are “out on the town” you are in GREAT shape! 🙂 Have you met my husband?! Imagine what goes on while I am gone?! ha

    Love ya!

  20. That is too funny! Very cute…..

  21. Patty says:

    Love, love, love your pictures! Your kiddos are absolutely adorable!

    My son (18 months) will not sit still to watch tv or a movie UNLESS (and I know how strange this sounds), it is the theme song to George Lopez tv show or the Free Credit Report.Com commercials…the kid loves music!

    Oh, and he gets away with everything when Mommy is not home!

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