Summer Quadysseys: The Airport


Summer is HERE!  Let the adventures begin!  Several of you came up with using "Odyssey" (our van model) in our title, since it means adventure. Combine it with "Quads" and you get "Quadyssey".  Spell Check, please add it to your dictionary.  Brad and I are sooooo excited to share some of our summer excursions with you, that we even whipped up the little logo!  How about that?

Our first Summer Quadyssey was to the Indianapolis Airport.  Now before you scroll down the page looking for Disney World pictures…we didn’t board any planes, just WATCHED them! The boys LOVE airplanes (or any transportation for that matter), so we thought they would enjoy a closer encounter and all the excitement that goes with a busy airport. The Indianapolis International Airport recently opened an entirely new facility, which is most certainly a "first class" structure, with dining, shopping, original art, and spacious terminals to explore. Spacious is our friend!  The boys became great entertainment for the passengers waiting for their flights. In fact, pictures of them are making their way across the US on about 20 different camera phones! It’s a true blessing to see our boys bringing joy to others. 

Here’s the anticipated video and pictures to follow of our experience:  (Just click the play button to watch.)




DSC_2197c DSC_2193c


We hope you enjoyed our first Quadyssey of the Summer!  Come back for more!!!! 

26 thoughts on "Summer Quadysseys: The Airport"

  1. My2Gs says:

    What a super cool airport y'all have!! I love the idea of taking them to the airport to watch planes. Cheap fun, but memories that will last a lifetime. You guys are awesome 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome idea!!!

  3. Kelly says:

    Awesome! Love the name!

  4. Melissa says:

    Looks like your outing was a success. I wish we could see the planes from the "non traveler" area at our airport. Where did you get the cute shirts the boys are wearing?

  5. Trish says:

    What a fun adventure! I take my kids to the pet store to look at the animals, but it never occured to me to take them to the airport to watch the planes. I think it is a great idea and your boys are as cute as ever!

  6. Kate says:

    What a great idea Jen!! Great entertainment for you boys, and GREAT entertainment for all the people there!

  7. Ashley says:

    I remember doing that when I was small and loved it!! What a great way to get out of the house!

  8. Melissa says:

    What a great idea! I might have to borrow it, although our airport isn't as nice (at least the part where you don't have to have a ticket to enter). Can't wait to see what other adventures you come up with!

  9. Manda says:

    That looks like so much fun! What a creative and inexpensive idea! I love their expressions and faces!!! They look like they are so much fun!

  10. Kara says:

    So cute! Can't wait more summer adventures!

  11. Stacey says:

    You are such a awsome mamam! You always do the coolest post. Where did you get there shirts, I love them.

  12. That looks like such fun! Definitely an idea I will jot down for when mine get older!!! Such precious boys!

  13. Deanna says:

    What a wonderful idea! I love the new and improved Indy airport (we flew out of there in February!) I'm so curious though…. how did you get TSA to let you through security to go to the terminals without boarding passes????

  14. FYI The shirts are from Smitten&Company; on Etsy. You can find more of her great screenprints here:

    Deanna – we didn't go past the security checks. Just in the main terminal, not in the specific boarding concourses. We follow the rules. =)

  15. LOVED IT!!! (fantastic choice in music btw-is it 1998?? Great song!) My favorite part was the guy who noticed the 8 eyes.

  16. Great idea!!!
    I wanted to tell you… Nikon… which do you have again? You take AMAZING photos! I am just a beginner for sure, i would like to take a class!

  17. Jenna says:

    Isn't the new airport nice?? That's a great idea – there is plenty to see & lots of space – I bet the boys had a blast!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I remember visiting the Baltimore-Washington International Airport with our children (now 27 and 20) when they were young. Fun times! Your boys are just adorable…it is fun watching them "in action." Thank you.

    Annapolis, MD

  19. Amazing! They looked like they had a blast. I'll be leaving on a jet lane in the morning with all four! Hope everything goes well! Loved the song!

  20. I will eventually be flying in there at some point this year (though, sadly, not in time for the reunion), and these pictures made me actually look forward to the trip (^_^)b Though it won't be nearly as fun without quads coming to pick me up.

  21. Suzanne says:

    cutie patooooties! what a great idea! glad you guys had a great quadyessey!
    xoxo love you,

  22. love the logo! momma extraordinaire AND graphic genius!

    what a fun idea and such a less stressful way to be at the airport when you don't have to be anywhere! 🙂 looks like the boys were having a great time. i'll have to tuck that wonderful field trip idea in my hot summer days file – we're always in need of free things to do inside! 🙂 -mari

  23. Beckie says:

    i love that song..brings back memories from my mom used to sing it to me..and id get sad..listening to the

    what a great and inexpensive idea for a field trip. looks like your boys loved it! We have a small private airport strip not far from where we live..where you can actually drive up and park right along the airstrip and watch the planes taking off and landing. It actually is known as a fun date place for teens lol, as they sit on top of their hoods , drinking and watch the planes and hang out on cool summer eves. I never thought of it for the kiddos until now! I think we might try to take our kiddos there after reading about your adventure to the airport. Good times!

  24. COOL…what a great idea! GREAT pictures 🙂

  25. ~MB~ says:

    Absolutley LOVE this idea!!
    the video was too cute for words!
    can't wait to see more

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hey ya'll!!!! WOW!!! I'm seriously impressed with EVERY post!! ALWAYS!! So creative, Jen!! LOVED the quad's reaction when the lights came on!!! HOW FUN!! SO creative, to take them to the airport to "SEE AIRPLANES!!!" they're sooo precious!! And I LOVE how they talk!!!! ~Sioby 🙂

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