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First off, let me compliment you for all of your FABULOUS ideas for decorating the boys’ room!  I wish I could somehow incorporate them all, but I’m thinking it would not be an eye-pleasing result!  Seriously, if you have not read the comments on this post, you really should take a look. Thank you for your links, pictures, paint color suggestions, techniques, and ideas! I think Better Homes and Gardens needs to hire all of you!

I think we’ve narrowed down our 4 billion choices into a combination of 2 of these colors from Restoration Hardware(I’ll have a local paint store computer match the paint swatch to save a little $$$.)

restoration hardware

We’re going to do the main part of the wall in “Atmosphere Blue” and a large top stripe in “Dusk”, separated by a narrow white chair rail. (Do they still call it chair rail when it’s near the ceiling? Asking the experts!)  I ended up taking your suggestions to heart about the aqua color.  Although I LOVE that color, it would be hard to eventually find bedding to match and with these two colors we’ll have a variety of options. 

Before I head out to the paint store, I HAD to share this video with you.  While we were at BlogHer the very talented ladies of 5minutesformom interviewed me about our blog and life with quadruplets.  It was an HONOR to meet Janice and Susan (who are identical twins).  They’re creativity and energy is contagious and I had such a great time getting to know them a little better.  I must say the BOYS did a better job in this interview than their mommy!  Enjoy, and check out www.5minutesformom.com , it’s a fantastic resource! (PS They also interviewed Pioneer Woman, which is posted today.  LOVE Her!)



10 thoughts on "5 Minutes…"

  1. I looooooved meeting you at Blogher! Hopefully we can hang out sometime soon in our home state!

  2. I think the top wood decor is called a plate rail! (my age is showing!!)

    Darling pictures, as always. Oh those pink cheeks!! so adorable!!

  3. I saw your interview earlier on 5MFM! Great!

    Love the colors you chose…good luck pulling it all together!!

  4. Good luck with the painting. Can't wait to see the finished room.

  5. Veronica Lee says:

    Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  6. You are so cute! I love meeting you. I can't wait to see the results of the boys' room!

  7. Joni says:

    Awwww..loved the interview video. Your boys act like they are on TV ALL the time lol. I suppose they are used to all the attention though. Your boys are looking soo grown up, oh wait…they are SO grown up now. Such lil' men 😉 Glad you enjoyed our conference at blogher. Take it easy. God Bless

  8. Jamie says:

    Love your color choices.I picked out one alot like your darkest for my sometime this year to be redone bathroom. Then went to Bed Bath and Beyond 2day with gift card, picked out a new shower curtain and rug etc. Brought them home and not one color on the 5 cardboard thingys matched! Have to go back and start over

  9. Momma Such says:

    So cute! The boys are so well behaved! 🙂

  10. Momma Such says:

    So cute! The boys are so well behaved! 🙂

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