I Need a Hero…


Would you look at that contagious smile?  Henry, you are a beam of sunshine! 

Found this costume at a garage sale for a $1 last weekend. Everyone has taken their turn being “Sue-fah-man” this week.  I think my superhero days with 4 boys have only just begun.

And now for some completely unrelated tangents:

  • I’ve been blessed by your comments and encouraging words on my “Covenant Relationship” post.   It was so worth putting my heart out there, because in return you have shared your hearts with me. I want to emphasize that my intentions of that post were personal in nature, and not meant to be judgmental. Nor was I claiming that there’s never a legitimate reason for divorce.  I think most of you saw me through on this, but I wanted to clear up any misinterpretations. I’m praying over your comments this afternoon.

  • If you follow me on twitter you might have heard that I was nominated for an Indiana blogging award in the Family Blog Category.  I have some stiff competition, and I thought about waving the white flag of surrender before the voting ends, but then I remembered how much you all enjoy voting!  So, if you feel the urge once again, head over to the Blindy Ballot and cast your vote for 4tunate. I will be speaking on a panel during Saturday’s session at the Blog Indiana Conference, so if you are there, please stop and introduce yourself!

  • Lastly, My friend Doug was killed this week while cutting down a tree.  He and I were friends since 1st grade and he was my homecoming escort.  Would you please join me in praying for this family?  He leaves behind a wife and 3 small children.  I thought of his wife through the night last night and cannot imagine the shock and grief she must be experiencing. Thank you, faithful friends.

17 thoughts on "I Need a Hero…"

  1. praying for your friend and his family, that is just tragic.

  2. Jen,

    Loved the covenant relationship post. You are right: People don't get divorced over toothpaste and socks, but over the lack of attentiveness to your spouse that those things come to represent over time.

    It is a calling from God to be married and to be parents, and we must work at doing our best at our calling. Yes, there are challenges (multiple challenges for some of us!), but the rewards are so sweet.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Stephanie says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I will be praying for his family.
    On a lighter note..what a awesome smile little supa-man has!!! I bet they love the outfit!

  4. HoundDogMom says:

    SuperMan is my hero! Henry you have a wonderful smile and definately contagious for sure. Casted my vote for you, so Good Luck.

    Also, I am so very sorry to hear about your friend Doug. I will say a prayer for you and his family during this difficult time.


  5. KSDallas says:

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. That is completely devastating!

    I did go and vote for you. Are there limits to how many times we can vote or can we vote each day?


  6. I voted – hope you win!

    Also, we frequently dress up at our house. The boys are finally over the trauma of their older sister dressing them up like a girl. To help with the "healing process," they have moved on to every superhero imaginable…batman, superman, spiderman…you can find great things (especially pajamas) at garage sales, second hand shops, goodwill, salvation army, etc. FUN!!!

  7. Fran R. says:

    I just read in the paper about your schoolmate. We will be praying for his family. I too love the picture of Henry. I'll bet your household is an interesting place to hang out at. Hope you win the blogging contest.

  8. Shayla says:

    Great Picture! I LOVE IT 🙂

    and I am SO sorry to hear about your friend what a random tragic incident that is 🙁 Such a reminder that we are only passing through- the Lord is the only one who can truly take us home!

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. How tragic! I will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.

    My son recently saw a pic of Spiderman and correctly identified it – I didn't even know he knew who that was! LOL!

  10. Stacey says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Doug's sudden passing. I recently experienced the loss of a close family friend. I'll be praying for his family and everyone he touched in his lifetime.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Sending prayers to you and his family.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about your friend! I'll keep his family in my prayers!

    Mommy of five in IL

  13. Kristin says:

    I will be praying for your friend's wife and children. I have been in her shoes. God has chosen a difficult path for her, but He will be her strength!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It was great "seeing" you today!


  15. THe sperman costume is adorable. Isn't it amazing how much fun kids can have with something that cost a dollar? So sorry about your friend. I will pray for the family.

  16. Nap Warden says:

    That is just awful about your friend…so sorry for that family's loss.

    The superhero costume is a great find!

  17. Anonymous says:

    So sorry to hear about your friend Doug. . . my heart goes out to his family.

    Loving the Superman picture! I miss the days of little boy dress up.

    I saved your Covenant Relationship post to comment on later, then life got crazy and I never did.

    Marriage — it isn't easy, that's for sure. I was 21 when we got married (we both were) and were still attending a Christian college. Everyone thought we were the "perfect couple" and I bought into that fairy tale. What I didn't know was that my husband had serious issues that stemmed from abandonment of his mother during his elementary school years. I didn't know that he'd want to run me off before I would have a chance to leave him. And he darned well nearly succeeded. I found out he'd been surfing the net, meeting women online, and in a couple occasions, IRL. I found it out about 2 years after he'd done so. Intuition finally kicked in when I had a support system in place that would help me deal with such a devestating blow. We had 2 kids at the time, 4 and 1 yrs old. He begged me to do counseling and I did so, because I wasn't going to ask for a divorce without trying absolutely everything to see if we could piece this marriage back together. After a year of intensive couples and singles counseling, we were much better. Not great, but better. He does know that if he ever puts me through anything like that again, I will divorce him. I can't go through that twice. And our marriage will never be like it was before I found out. There is not that complete trust I used to have for him, nor do I love him in the same way. But we work well together as parents and I believe it's better for our kids to have us all together in one home.

    Yes, as someone pointed out in the comments of your previous post, God "okays" a divorce due to infidelity. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try what you can to see if you can make it work.

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