Multiples and More!

There IS strength in numbers when it comes to multiples!  Today I’m the Featured Blogger Interview on the Multiples and More site.  I know they’d love to have you mosey on over and take a look!  There are lots of pictures and memories contained in the interview that really took me back!

“Multiples and More is a community of families of twins, triplets, quads, and more! We are dedicated to providing the support and information that you need, meanwhile connecting multiples families across the globe! Visit our blog for Expert Interviews, Featured Blogger Interviews, Product Reviews, Guest Blogs, Giveaways, and much more!”

Welcome to those of you who might be new to us from Multiples and More!  Feel free to check out our blog and take a peek at our adventurous life with quadruplet boys.  You can find out more about us on our Welcome Page.  I love hearing from “the other side of my computer screen”, so feel free to drop me an email, subscribe to our blog, or follow me on twitter.  So glad you could join us! 

Thanks to Multiples and More for the community you are building and the giant resource you are to families of multiples!

Also….Check back this week on 4tunate for a HUGE giveaway that you’ll not want to miss! 

3 thoughts on "Multiples and More!"

  1. Andreina says:

    Your boys are adorable!!!

  2. Saw your feature on Multiples website and wanted to give my kudos to you!! Also, love the peapods idea! I'll have to look into that when mine are older 🙂

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