Grandmas Are For Wiping Noses…

And for other things as well…

Cookie Giving, Cuddling, Boo-Boo Kissing, Story Telling, are just a few of their specialties. 

But Grandmas have the hidden talent of “Ultimate Nose Wipers”.

This video clip was shot at a different park than I posted about last time, but I completely forgot to answer the question, “Which 1 out of the 4 did not forfeit his childhood to the Orange Monster Slide?” (Thanks for the reminder, Amy!)  The answer, believe it or not, was HENRY!  Maybe next time, Little Buddy, but Mama is perfectly okay with you stickin’ to the toddler slides!

We’re sure grateful for grandma’s Boogie Wiping Abilities, because we have had plenty of snot to go around!  Thankfully, we have been enjoying a SNOT-FREE week thus far!   

What hidden talent is your grandma great for? 

7 thoughts on "Grandmas Are For Wiping Noses…"

  1. Suz says:

    Our Grammy is awesome at making jello. She's taught the chixies to make lime and orange (their faves) and they can now make it by themselves! Thanks, Grammy. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finding new ways to spoil my kids every. time. she. sees. them.

  3. Those boys are so adorable…and I sure know how their granny feels about wiping the noses!! As a granny, my specialty is reading to them. Nothing nicer than having them cuddled on my lap and reading "the books" for the 140th time!!

    My own grandma, long with the Lord, used to count out the peas on our plates so there was no quarreling over fair portions!! Aw kids….

  4. Joanna says:

    Don't know where you guys were, but there's a lion-head drinking fountain just like that in the big Frankfort park where our annual family reunion is. Happy memories.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My grandmas hidden talent is griping. for sure!

  6. Dave says:

    What is it that makes kids noses run perpetually from the age of 2 thru 4?

    I wish my kiddo's Grandma was always on top of the nose-cleaning duty. I've often picked them up at my ex's mother's house and end up needing a pick-axe to break apart the nasal-nuggets.


  7. ?Marianne? says:

    I love you`re blog, and I visit it daily!
    The boys are sooo sweet!!!-and you are doing a great job with them!!

    Lots of love from Norway!

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