Meeting a Few Faces That Live Inside My Laptop…

Every time I’ve met a face behind our blog it’s been such a positive experience.  It’s happened to me a handful of times now, through meeting my dear fellow quad couples, to BlogHer, to speaking at the Blog Indiana Conference, to stuffing myself with cupcakes; The relationships I’ve met online have become even stronger by squeezing them in person. 

The past two weekends, I had an opportunity to meet two dear blogging friends.  The first was a fellow quad mama, Jenny Burkett and her sister. She came to the city as a part of the March of Dimes Mom of the Year Festivities (she’s a TOP TEN STATE FINALIST!!!).  We were able to hang out, grab some lunch at PF Changs, and wonder aimlessly around the shopping mall together.  Brad even brought the boys down to meet her.  It was a great afternoon spent with a wonderful friend!

jb3 jb4

Last weekend, I had the privilege of meeting Kate.  I’ve wanted to meet Kate since she first emailed me shortly after the boys were born.  She’s one beautiful mama inside and out.  The love of Christ just radiates through her!  We were able to meet her adorable family for lunch at the famous Thurman Cafe.  Her boys, Mylo and Phin, (and Jon too) are sooooooo lovable!  I can hardly wait until she makes the drive to come visit us! 




A HUGE Shout-out THANK YOU goes to the beautiful “Miss Emily” (the boys call her Enemy)for watching our boys, so that Brad and I could have a break away.  You amaze us, Emily!  We’re so grateful for your faithful friendship in our lives! And our boys just happen to adore you too!


Perhaps the next time I blog about meeting faces that live inside my laptop I’ll be writing about YOU!

8 thoughts on "Meeting a Few Faces That Live Inside My Laptop…"

  1. Suzanne says:

    SOOOO glad you were able to meet up with JB! love that girl! and kate looks like a doll. funny how i never expected to meet some of my best friends through the 'puter. what a blessing! love you!

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a blessing!
    I feel the same way about the blog..I never knew how many people would touch my life and become friends!
    Looks like you girls had a great time!!

  3. Kim and Dave says:

    Jen, aren't the Thurman burgers awesome?!? Love going there.

  4. It's funny – I was just thinking about your blog this morning (actually while I was having "Mommy" time while my youngest played at Chic-Fil-A). I was thinking about how many followers you have and how it would be neat if someday we could meet in person. How about a get together next summer? All those in the area (and those willing to travel) could meet up at a park somewhere one day. Whatcha think?

  5. Beautiful shots of you & Miss JB!!! Love that girl! Glad you all had a fabulous visit!!!

  6. Kate says:

    Ahhh! Fun! I still need to hear about the rest of your trip. And I DEFINITELY want to come visit. Let's set something up!

  7. Anonymous says:

    'nothing big'… whatever! 😉

    i love you, friend and am so thankful for you! we had a blast that weekend!! 🙂

  8. I only wish that I could meet you. You truly inspire me! Maybe someday, God will work it in:-) So glad your blog is blessing you with new friendships (PS you are blessing us blog lurkers too!)

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