Ain’t God Good

My pastor growing up used to sing a song that went like this…


If you’d like to flashback to 1986 with some really bad hair, you can check out this YouTube video to hear it.  (Of course it’s Southern Gospel, when else is “Ain’t” musically acceptable?)

I’ve been singing it all night. 

Not only does He bless us EVERY DAY with His mercy, grace, and love; Today was a day that can only be explained through His goodness and His provision.

If you don’t mind I’d love to share the story with you…

I’m sitting on the couch during nap time checking comments on the blog when the doorbell rings.  I jump up to answer it and there is a lady standing there with a card in her hand.  My first thoughts were,

“Are you one of my neighbors delivering us a Christmas card?” 

“Do I know you?”

“Stink, I don’t have a Christmas card ready for you…whoever you are.”

Very quickly she handed me the card and said, “I have a delivery for you.” And just like that she was GONE. 

Puzzled, I opened the card and out fell 4 one-hundred dollar bills.  Incredible!

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

The card was addressed to Brad, Jen, Brooks, Clark, Henry, and Isaac and simply signed from “Our Family” 

Minutes later Brad made a call to our mechanic to find out if our car was diagnosed yet.  A low fluid indicator light has been coming on, even after refilling it with anti-freeze.  Turns out the heater core is leaking coolant just behind the dashboard.  To fix it will cost around $450! 

Minutes after that a guy called about an item that we listed on Craigslist a few weeks back to see if it was still available.  We had all but given up on selling it, since we hadn’t had any real interest or inquiries.  Lo and behold, he came by the house and it was sold.  The price that the item sold for should take care of taxes and leave a cushion for the repairs. 

Isn’t that down right AMAZING?   We are shocked, overjoyed, relieved, and we’ve even laughed out loud over the preciseness of God’s timing and provision.

People have been generous to us in many ways, and we feel exceedingly blessed and amazed by God’s provision for our family during this season of unemployment through the holidays. We are truly 4tunate!

Ain’t God Good?