The 4tunate Holiday Gift Guide: Birth – 1 Year


I decided to “wrap up” some of our favorite gifts from each stage into a gift guide for you this Christmas.  I’ll be sharing some tried and true ideas from each stage that we have experienced, as well as some ideas for the upcoming year. Perhaps OUR experience with quadruplets can be an advantage to YOU as a shopper.  Before I begin let’s get the disclaimer out of the way:

Disclaimer: 1. None of these products were given as a promotional opportunity, nor did I receive any $ to write these suggested gift ideas.  2. These are purely my opinions.  They are things that each of my 4 boys have enjoyed, which I think speaks highly of a product if is well-liked by all, and proves durable under the extra use/abuse of quadruplets. 3. These products link to Amazon, as an affiliate link.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get on to the good stuff!

1.Hasbro Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride ($24.41)


Even after our boys were running they still LOVED this toy.  It really helped them to gain stability and confidence when they were learning to take steps.  It was the first toy out to play with in the morning, and the last one to put away!

2.VTech Slide ‘n Learn Storybook ($15.50) 

vtech slide and learn disney

We inherited this gem of a toy from the McNulty Quads. It was great for car trips and a distraction devise for doctor’s office visits.  The pages have sweet little songs (read: not loud and obnoxious), and movable features to keep little hands busy.

3. Fisher-Price Precious Planet All Around Musical Playtime Gym ($45.00)

Fisher Price Planet Musical Gym

Our boys LOVED their gym time.  It was time for them to discover themselves in the mirror, work on rolling over, check out their brothers beside them, and work on hand-eye coordination by batting at the toys…it was an all-around GREAT piece of equipment! 

4. Munchkin Bath Super Scooper Turtle ($16.39)

munchkin bath turtle scooper

Once you graduate to the big tub, this is a great way to store the miscellaneous bath toys. You can scoop up the toys and hang to drain.

5.I Love You Through And Through ($8.95)

i love you through and through

This was an almost daily read for my babies.  They loved when I acted out the emotions of the pages, and they still enjoy hearing it!

6.Pacific Play Tents See Me 6? Tunnel($28.95)

pacific play tunnel

Playing peek-a-boo, chasing each other, and finding toys through the tunnel passageway was a constant source of entertainment.  Again, it’s another toy that is fun for stages to come.  It’s also space-saving, because it collapses to store!

7.Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer ($59.99)


Although the price tag may seem a little steep, I still feel indebted to Evenflo for this product. We used to call it “Disney World in a Chair”, because that’s just how entertaining it was day after day.

8. Halo Innovations SleepSack Wearable Blankets Cotton($12.49)


You might be tired of me singing the praises of Halo SleepSacks, but I can’t say enough about these wonderful wearable blankets!  The zip from top to bottom, so you are guaranteed that they will stay warm through the night.

8.Diapers(Prices Vary by Size and Brand)

pampers swaddlers diapers newborn

It might sound like the most boring gift of the century, but do you know how much the parents of the little “stinker” will LOVE you for this?  Trust me, it’s a winner every time!

9. BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib 2 Pack($18.95)


Would you believe that we are STILL using these bibs for messy meals?  Hundreds of meals later they are unstained and holding strong.  Best part – No laundry!  Just rinse them off in the sink!

10. A High Quality Digital Camera (Prices Vary)


Alright, so it may not be the typical “Baby Christmas Gift”, but they’ll thank you for it later.  Even if you aren’t ready for a DSLR, there are plenty of great point-and-shoot digital cameras that will give you really great quality prints.  Capturing the first year is priceless. My only regret is not having one sooner!


I hope this gives you some great ideas for the baby on your list this Christmas season.  There’s something very magical about that 1st Christmas. Even though they won’t remember it, you’re sure to remember it for a lifetime!

What are some things YOU would add to my list? 


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