A Packed Like Sardines Kind of Week


It’s been a packed week!  As packed as sardines or as quadruplets in a closet.  (One of their favorite spots in the house…thanks for the picture, Kara!) And while I had hoped to get a “Q&As; from the QuadParents” vlog posted, it’s going to be postponed until the weekend. We received some really interesting questions that we look forward to answering a little bit at a time. 

I’ve been blown away by your response to my little questionnaire. It’s honestly been one of the most encouraging and uplifting experiences.  It’s been so fun to read your responses and learn a little more about your family and circumstances in the process. We are TRULY TRULY blessed by the way your care for our family, and continue to share this incredible adventure of LIFE with us!  I’ll pick a winner for the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook next week, so feel free to enter if you haven’t already. 

There are several other giveaways coming down the pike.  So be on the lookout…fun things in store for 2010!

Some of you asked questions about the ads that we host on our blog.  They each generate a little revenue (per 1,000 views) just by you visiting our blog.  Click based ads require you to click on them in order for us to gain revenue, but the ads we host do their own thing, so don’t feel obligated to click. =) 

Another good question that I received in a comment this morning was in response to a tweet.  Yesterday I wrote that Brad agreed to ordering pizza for dinner the day we reach 1500 subscribers. (I’m always willing to bargain my way out of cooking dinner!) Currently we are around 1475ish. The commenter alerted me that many of you might not know what subscribing is or how to do it… Subscribing is a way to read this feed (or the newest post) by reading it in a feed reader such as Google Reader.  It updates to tell you when I’ve posted something new.  The important part is that you still click over to 4tunate.net and pay us a visit now and then too!  (K, Promise? I’m talking to you, Feed Subscribers!)

You can subscribe by clicking on this button (also found on the right sidebar).

Or you can Subscribe to 4tunate by Email (just click the link) and have our feed delivered straight to your inbox. 

The Nester describes feeds much more coherently in this post.  So read more about it there and she’ll make it much more clearer than mud.  (She’s super tidy like that!)

That’s all I got to “pack” into this post. 

9 thoughts on "A Packed Like Sardines Kind of Week"

  1. Mama Llama says:

    I am a subscriber! Hope you get your pizza soon!

  2. I currently read your blog through my Google Reader. So do you not get credit for a "click" since I'm reading through the reader on your advertisers?

    I'll click over more often if you don't!!

  3. Mama Llama – I'll share a piece with you!
    Michael and Mary Beth – It's great that you read us via a reader, just stop in every now and then and we'd be much appreciative! =) Thanks for your question!

  4. BreezieGirl says:

    I <3 the Murray Crew showing up in my Google Reader. Google Reader makes my life wonderful. :)

    I try to comment every few posts or so just ensure I make my way over to the real site. 🙂

    I'm glad the questionaires are going well.

  5. Krystyn says:

    Here's to you getting your pizza, soon. But, alas, I can't add to that number as I'm already counted.

    Happy weekend.


    SHUCKS! I didn't know it didn't count for you when i am subscribed to your blog…here i thought I was helping.:)I Will be stopping by everytime I read now! Happy PIZZA!:)

  7. Fiamma says:

    beautiful beautiful boys! love ur blog!

  8. Anonymous says:

    1475 subscribers? That's incredible! Way to go!

    Hope you get the pizza!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, looks like the Baltimore Ravens will be taking a trip next Saturday afternoon and visiting your Indianapolis Colts! Please be gentle! 🙂

    Annapolis, MD

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