A Miracle In Perspective: 1st Bottle


To celebrate the Miracle of our Quadruplets 3rd Year of Life, I’ve pulled out a few things from their day of birth to help put their tiny little miracle lives into perspective.  It’s hard to comprehend just how small, yet perfect their little bodies were.

I used a regulation sized football (28 inches) as a comparison object.  (Go COLTS!)

Although it was about 2 weeks before they would be able to attempt to eat on their own, I wanted to show you the size of their first bottle.  They started off with 20 cc’s which is just over a 1/2 an ounce.

3 years later, these boys can eat anything and everything on their own from carrots to quesadillas!  They are healthy, growing, and hungry boys!

Praising God for blessing us with 3 years of LIFE!

3 thoughts on "A Miracle In Perspective: 1st Bottle"

  1. Fiamma says:

    what an amazing Mommy! and what amazing boys you've got on your hands!
    I'm so thankful for modern day medicine too! Look at all these blessings! they sure are miracles!
    You are truly blessed and so are they!

  2. I remember those days with my own preemie, who is now 9! Can't believe she was ever that small! I specifically remember the bottles and thinking 1/2 ounce – that's like barely anything at all! She's going to starve! But, then was reassured by the nurses that it was completely normal, and we had to start off small and gradually build up.

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful boys!

  3. Anonymous says:

    All these posts are so sweet. They were so tiny!


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