Harry + Hallmark + Me = Bliss

In all of the Disney Magic I’ve failed to share this with you…. 

Harry Connick Jr(2)

It’s the gorgeous lovely ladies of Hallmark and moi with HARRY CONNICK JR.!!!! minutes after he serenaded the ladies of Blissdom with a private concert. 

And now you know why they call it “Blissdom” instead of “Misery”. 

Actually Harry (Yes, we are on a first name basis…bwahhhhh!) was just icing on the cake.  Connecting and deepening my relationship with friends was the CAKE of the conference.

More on the cake in a near future post!

4 thoughts on "Harry + Hallmark + Me = Bliss"

  1. Marianne says:


    Jen, you are officially THE luckiest girl I have ever known!! SO JEALOUS!

    And you're lookin' GORGEOUS! Sexy mama 🙂 Harry doesn't look half bad either 😉

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with your 5 leading men… I'm out of Indy until next weekend, but rumor has it it's been warmer! Woohoo! Spring is almost here!

    Marianne Lacy

  2. Rachel says:

    You looked soooo darling in that outfit!!!

    I miss your lovely face and sweet hugs.

    I was fueling up (eating) for the Tastemaker party and missed Harry

  3. Bay says:

    Awesome pic with Harry! I didn't get to hear or meet him, as I was at the #savvyblogging party. It was great, but I was sooo sad to miss Harry! ;o)

    I don't think we met at Blissdom, but we spoke for a fleeting minute at DisneySMmoms. Hope to see you again soon!

    <3 Bay @Queenmotherblog

  4. I missed last year, so I’m super excited to be able to go next week. It’s next week, WEEEEEEE!!!!!

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