Yet Another Toddler Transition…


Can you guess what toddler transition were making now? 

Isaac and Henry have 2 new (used) toddler beds and as I write this I just heard their bedroom door open.  Double Trouble.

I’ll be right back….

kidkraft toddler bed


So obviously we are working on the “transition” part during nap time, but over all it’s went well.

We are on the hunt for two more of these for Brooks and Clark.  (All of their cribs are literally falling apart.) Although I’ve threatened cribs until they were 14, it looks like our days of them sleeping in captivity security are numbered.


It’s a little sad to see them go. I remember collecting four cribs before the boys were born, not knowing if we would have the privilege of bringing home four babies alive.  The risks in our pregnancy were much too high to assemble four cribs prior to their delivery.

Even after they were home, we only had 2 cribs up for a long time, as Isaac and Henry and Brooks and Clark shared a crib.




Well after Isaac kicked Henry out of his crib, Brooks and Clark, the “wombmates” remained cribmates. Which kept our crib count at 3 well into the second year of their lives.

We have many many fond memories (click on each word for a link to a crib memory) of our boys in their cribs. It’s bittersweet parting.  

At least we have videos like this to look back on and treasure.




9 thoughts on "Yet Another Toddler Transition…"

  1. It is bittersweet to watch your babies grow up, even in a small way. Fortunately my son stayed in his crib until almost 3 yrs old. We didn't use a toddler bed but just went to a twin without any problems at all.

  2. hmmm, I wonder why your cribs are falling apart?! 😉 he he I loved that video of bedtime fun!

  3. Krystyn says:

    Oh, they are growing up!

    BTW, when we first moved Iz to a big (we went straight to a twin), I put a child lock on the door knob on the inside of the door. After a while, she got tired of not being able to get out!

    Then, once she figured that out, I had to actually turn the knob around and lock her in. It's sort of mean, but it's her safety, too. I didn't want her wondering around the house without us knowing…they get sneaky very quickly…especially when they are doing something they know they should be doing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How Precious!! I cannot believe they are in toddler beds now!! Where does time go!? Sioby

  5. Julia says:

    good. luck.

    ha!! how fun!! what cute boys!

  6. J Myer says:

    I can't believe how big they're getting. And to think I've only met them once. We definitely need to get together. Let me know if you have any free time in the next couple weeks.
    Mainly I wanted to write to tell you that we had your spaghetti pie tonight for dinner and we gave it two thumbs up! Thanks for sharing! Good luck in the transitioning.

  7. Mary says:

    Look back on?! Next thing you know, you'll be saying to them, "What do you mean you can't fit in a twin size bed anymore?!"

    Good luck on the transition!

  8. I'll be watching and reading… good luck!! The boys are just beyond cute!! Wish my 4 guys lived near your 4 guys!! xoxoxoxo Audrey

  9. having the kids grow up is so dang bittersweet. I love it, I hate it!

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