How Will You Fight Childhood Hunger?


As one of the bloggers teaming up with ConAgra Foods to help end child hunger, we’ve been encouraging people across the nation to rally together to make an impact in our communities.  You can follow @conagrafoods on Twitter or ConAgra’s Facebook Page for the latest updates. So far, the efforts have been encouraging, but there’s still lots that we can do right where we live.

Think hunger isn’t an issue in your community?  Think again.  Hunger lives in every state, town, school, and most likely your very own neighborhood.

But here’s the good news, making a difference doesn’t require a grand production or a large sum of money.  It’s things you probably are already involved doing in your community: setting up a lemonade stand with the neighborhood kids, throwing a garage sale with the things you’re no longer using, or pitching in as a neighborhood/school/church to collect foods. You can register your rally at Child Hunger Ends Here and they will send you a rally kit that includes a banner, posters, coupons to share, and a rally guide.  Then, donate a portion of your earnings online, and your efforts will go back to your very own community. 

My sweet friend, Danielle from Extraordinary Mommy is one of the 14 bloggers in 14 different cities hosting neighborhood rallies for Child Hunger Ends Here. She’s hosting “Lemonade Stand Saturdays” to impact her local community in Missouri.  Another blogging friend, Andrea from Mommy Snacks, is offering a coupon workshop to help raise money. Others have participated in House Party events to raise awareness.

Several celebrities are also getting behind this campaign with a neighborhood rally held on Wisteria Lane. There’s also a Celebrity Auction being held to benefit Feeding America. 

So how will YOU get involved personally? 

I’m working out a few details of my own (coming soon), but I’d love to hear your own! 

~ How will you respond to the “1 in Every 4 Kids in America Struggle with Hunger” statistic?

~ Were you aware that childhood hunger was such a serious issue in America?

~ Have you or someone you’re close to experienced hunger as a child?

~ Have you heard of the “Clothes Off Our Back” organization? It’s another great way you can get involved.

*This post is a sponsored opportunity via ConAgra Foods. My enthusiasm and heart behind this initiative are my own.

3 thoughts on "How Will You Fight Childhood Hunger?"

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you for drawing attention to this important issue!

    Indiana soybean farmers have donated over $50,000 to the Million Meals program to donate ground pork to the food banks in Indiana. That is 200,000 meals for Indiana's hungry. I am proud to be a part of the farmers donation!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I volunteer once a month to take a meal to the local soup kitchen. Four of us split up the job and bring the meal already prepared for about 30 people.

    Also once a month our church gives out groceries to needy families in our community. I donate food and my time.

  3. Julia says:

    i don't think many people realize that there are a lot of American kids that are going hungry.

    I am using my daughter's birthday party as a food drive!! i sent out notes with the invites saying that we are participating in ConAgra's event and asked everyone to bring some items that will be donated to our local food bank! i thought about doing a lemonade stand with my daughter and using that money to donate as well!

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