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Some of my dearest blogging friends are in the Dominican Republic right now with World Vision.  After watching a handful of Compassion Blogger trips and gleaning so much from their experiences, I’m excited to see World Vision taking the opportunity to reach the world through blogger’s hearts. The things that they are sharing from there are so captivating and so moving that I had to share a few with you…

This story of a mother named Maria’s love for Jesus and her hope for her four boys living in the slums of Santo Domingo touched my heart.
These questions are fresh on my mind this afternoon…
This glance into how World Vision is impacting a community helped me understand more.
These faces made me smile back at them….
These words caused me to pray….
This uniting of Jill with her sponsored child who she’s been supporting for 10 years brought tears to my eyes.

My brother’s recent trip to Haiti, the earthquake, and these blogger’s personal experiences, are giving me a greater love for this people group and for reaching the world for Christ.  How about you?
(I’ve closed the comments on this post so you can visit the links above and to consider how God might be leading you to respond.) 

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