Keepin’ It Real Rewinds – An End to the Sabbatical?

I know a lot of you have enjoyed my Keepin’ It Real Rewinds Series that I started to chronicle our experience with infertility, and an extreme high-risk pregnancy. It’s been a true privilege to connect to you through them, and to hear your own stories and struggles. It’s also been a true joy to celebrate with you on several occasions and rejoice over the blessing of a new miracle life.


I’ve often put writing them aside, because they are just plain TOUGH to write.

Each paragraph brings back so many emotions from those days.  Days of grief.  Days of heartache. Days of uncertainties, held breaths, questions, difficult decisions, and bad news.

Part of me wants to put it all behind me.

To Let Go.

To Semi-Forget.

To Live Life Completely in the Present.

After all, we’ve been blessed more than we could have asked or imagined.  We are living a miracle. (4 of them, in fact!) We got the best possible scenario.



I don’t want to forget the miracle. 

I don’t want to forget the obstacles that we’ve all overcome.

I don’t want to miss an opportunity to encourage one of you.

I don’t want to keep from giving God the glory and praise for preserving their lives.


So I’m contemplating returning to the series this summer…


(You can read the unfinished series if you’d like, while you wait on me to decide.)

7 thoughts on "Keepin’ It Real Rewinds – An End to the Sabbatical?"

  1. Ivy says:

    You have got to keep writing! You have been such an inspiration to me and so encouraging:) Keep up the good work!

  2. KSDallas says:

    I hope you decide to pick the series back up. I know it sounds strange but hearing your story and the true, raw emotions makes me feel so much closer to you. I guess it is sharing your sorrow that I can open my heart up that much more to you. And by sharing, I hope you realize it is a burden you don't have to carry alone anymore.

    I respect your decision either way because it is still your story. It is very easy for me to tell you to do it being on this side of it.

    Love from Dallas,


  3. Anonymous says:

    I think you have definitely been an inspiration for many. Especially for the couple who decided to continue her pregnancy with quads after reading your story. If people read the struggle it was for you, it will give them that hope that even though they are struggling, they should continue their journey that God has given them, even during the hard and uncertain times when it would seem easier to terminate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I understand if you don't continue, but I would love to hear more from your heart as well. I have been struggling with infertility for almost a year and a half now, along with a miscarriage last year. It is just the hardest thing. I look at your four little miracles and hope that some day I will have at least one of my own. Thanks for sharing everything you do on your blog!!!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Please keep writting!! I know its tough, but you have such a way with words!! you are such an inspiration to others!!!

  6. mom2one says:

    I struggled with inferility and boy do I wish I would have know someone who was struggling too or had struggled b/c no one can even come close to understanding if they haven't been through it,I have one miracle child and am now trying to conceive one more. I think it is wonderful that you are sharing your experience.

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