Me. The Cows. And Haiti.


So I entered this essay contest that Stonyfield is holding for bloggers…

… Cuz I’m really interested in learning more about eating natural foods, finding out where our foods come from, passing the goodness along to my boys, and all.

… I’ve been even more inspired after watching this movie   and while growing our garden.

… Well, just so happens that I was chosen as a TOP TEN FINALIST!

If I’m voted into the Final 3, I’ll be invited to tour the farms and facilities of Stonyfield to learn more about the farmers dedicated to organic food production.

(Wish I could take these handsome little farmers along for the ride. Goodness, they’ve grown up since this picture!)

None (1)

Here’s the real kicker…

If I make the Final 3 cut, I’ll receive $5,000 to give to Three Angels Children’s Relief in Haiti.  An organization that has impacted me personally, our church has supported, and my brother recently visited. In such a time of devastation and destruction in this country, $5,000 of American money can make a HUGE impact.  (They also have a great FB Page if you’d like to see more of how they are impacting through their medical clinic, school, and orphanage in Haiti.)



Voting is simple.  Like 30 seconds – Tops. (Your Name, Email, And Vote – Easy Cheesy!) And you can vote 1x a day with a valid email address up until May 25th.

So mosey on over HERE ( to vote, and I will be super grateful (and so will Three Angels Haiti)!

 Thanks in Advance, Sweet Friends!



4 thoughts on "Me. The Cows. And Haiti."

  1. HoundDogMom says:

    Just voted for you and will go back every day to help you out. Good Luck. Sherri

  2. Krystyn says:

    Congrats…I voted.

  3. Jen says:

    Just voted for you…good luck!

  4. I just voted. Good luck! I'll try to remember to vote a couple more times before its over.

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