Out of the Mouth of Quads…

I always said I would write down some of the funny things that my kids would say so that I could remember them, and laugh at them later.  So many have passed with a few good chuckles, but I can’t retell them to save my life.

So here’s a few of the latest off the top of my head that you might get a giggle from…

~ The other day Brooks wiped out while visiting my parents, he was bleeding and before I could even get to him, Isaac announces unsympathetically, “He’s FINE.”

~ We arrived at church a little early (pats self on back) and there weren’t any kids (besides us) in the class yet.  One of them makes a comment about there not being any kids yet, and I told them there were 4 kids already here (meaning them).  Henry exclaims, “I’m not a kid!  I’m a BROTHER.”

~ Henry informed me twice tonight that I was a “big girl with a big bottom”. (Just what a girl wants to hear!) 

~ One of them (who shall remain nameless for now) saw my bra and asked me what it was.  It caught me completely off guard so I just told him with no explanation that it was a bra.  He then put both of his arms way up in the air and says, “When I get big….really really big. I’m gonna wear, I’m gonna wear a….. DRAWL!”

The BEST by far though are the spontaneous expressions of affections.  I never get tired of the multiple “I love you’s”  and calling me “buddy” or things like “Have a good day, Mama”.

Soaking it up now.

And writing it down for later.

What have you heard out of the mouth of your little one(s) lately?



19 thoughts on "Out of the Mouth of Quads…"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmm… my husband might kill me for sharing this one… (: but my daughter walked into our bathroom one day when he had just stepped out of the shower and said, "Daddy? Do you have a tail???"


  2. Becky says:

    My 4 yr old son had his stuffed bunny up his shirt. I asked him what he was doing and he told me bunny was hungry. I reminded him that daddy's dont feed their babies like mommy's do. he ripped the bunny out and said "oh yeah, you better do it"

  3. Samantha C. says:

    When my youngest triplet has a weggie she says her panties are teasing her!

  4. Kate says:

    Those boys are ENTIRELY TOO CUTE! You are SO blessed Jen!! (but you already know that) 😉

    I can't think of something funny off the top of my head that Mylo has said lately, although the days are usually FILLED them. But the other day I heard Mylo wandering around the house whispering to himself, "I love my Mommy SOOOO much." Gah! Melts my heart! Makes it ALLLL worth it, right?!

  5. purejoy says:

    out of the mouths of babes indeed… love the have a good day, mama!! so precious. enjoy every minute. it goes by much too quickly!

  6. Erin Powell says:

    Jen – keep writing these down. You won't remember them later! Funny things your will say is one of the things I've looked forward to with your blog.
    One that sticks in my mind was when my oldest was about 23 months old. He said "Mommy, you're frus-tur-a-ting me…"

  7. Kori says:

    Spencer can be found singing random songs like "Finkle Finkle Little Star" and "Boys do it, Girls do it, Big kids all around the world do it" from Elmo Potty Time or even the last half of the ABC's. It's very cute.

  8. Dian says:

    Those are so cute! To Anonymous, the first boy called it his tail and it stuck, all our boys always called it their tail!

    Our youngest was on the computer one day and couldn't log into something he wanted to play – he was 4, his dad asked him for his password – he said "Micky Donald Goofy Minnie" – My husband said "What?! Why is it so long?" – he said "It said it had to be 4 characters!" lol We'll never forget that one!

  9. Eos Mom says:

    In the "cry room" at church last week, my son was telling another little boy about all the different toys we have at home, you know "we have lots of cars… trains… choking hazards….." Priceless!

  10. I love that picture Jen!! So cute!!

  11. Amy says:

    My husband and I will ask our 23-month-old, Evan, "Do you want to sit with me?" So this morning, he grabs my hand and says "Sit me, mommy." Melted my heart!

  12. My little one called me beautiful for the first time…it was amazing!

    Stopping by from @usfg Blog Directory!

  13. KSDallas says:

    Those are so precious!

    My daughter is almost 15 years old, so you don't want to know what comes out of her mouth these days. lol

  14. I LOVE the "your FINE" comment by Isaac because that could totally be my boys!
    Unfortunately, their speech is extremely delayed, so the funny things they say are just things that they mispronounce. Although, my one who generally refuses to talk said something to me yesterday and said "Twita" at the end. I asked him if he meant "Trista" and he said, "Yeah, Twita." We had a quick rundown that I am *Mommy* to him – NOT Trista. My favorites right now, though, are when they say "I lub you, Mama." Makes it sooo worth it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Two nights ago Mike was putting Carter to bed, and we've had a terrible time lately keeping him in bed. Carter got up and Mike said "Where do you think you are going?". Carter says, "What I'm just getting my Carmex. My lips hurt. What's so wrong with that?!". Mike came in the room nearly in tears. I write all of these things down in a journal for Carter to read one day. I, too, don't do it often enough, and I'm not as tech savvy as you or I'd do it electronically. Love you and your great sense of humor! You know your boys are going to be hilarious! 🙂


  16. My kids are currently 9, 7 and 4. While they have all said some pretty funny stuff over the years, my 4-year-old seems to take the cake. One of the most recent comments happened when I was doing laundry. He loves to help me with household chores and often grows impatient with me as I check email or answer messages, etc. That was the case this particular day when I took a break from doing laundry to check my email. He wanted so desperately to help me hang the clothes up. I nearly lost it when he yelled into the office, "Come on, Mom! Let's go put the clothes on the hookers!"

  17. Emily says:

    I always leave your blog feeling even more thankful for my children. Thanks for highlighting the goodness of God in giving us these miracles!

  18. Anonymous says:

    As a term of endearment we always say to our daughters "you're my girl" Once when our oldest girl was giving her daddy some love she looked up into his eyes and lovingly declared "Daddy, you're my girl"

  19. Plus 3 says:

    When I left my sunglasses in my seat while I buckled everyone in, my 4-year-old son reached around and moved them telling me, "Mama, I moved your sunglasses so your big bootie wouldn't sit on them and get hurt." At least he was being considerate!

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