I’m grateful to report after a rough weekend both physically and emotionally, we are finally “on the mend”.  However, the “Gunkitis” didn’t leave the house without taking down Mama first. 

Gunkitis – snot-filled, coughing, chest aching, fever, sneezing, wheezing, cranky YUCKS

I have 1 more day left of steroid treatments and hopefully I will be feeling like a new woman soon! It’s sooooo tough to be sick as a mama, isn’t it? 

We had a day FULL of excitement yesterday that I will definitely dedicate a blog post to very soon. Until then, I need to spend some time getting my Mama Groove back.

Hope you are all well and “Gunkitis” free! 


7 thoughts on "“Gunkitis”"

  1. Sarah Reaves says:

    Kasey has the “gunkitis” too. It’s been going on for 2 weeks. I am so ready for her to be OVER it! Her antibiotic ran out yesterday….so we’ll see. She still has a runny nose and a yucky cough.

  2. alicia says:

    That pic looks horrible, but so good to document these moments too. Sending healing vibes your way.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon. The “Gunkitis” doesn’t sound like fun at all. QuatroMom I hope you get to feeling good soon as well. Couldn’t not imagine taking care of 4 toddlers while sick.

  4. Lucy says:

    Wow I hope you all feel better. I got really sick this month too. I have never been that sick in my life. Im so thankful the kids didnt get it. Still working down the UBP list http://postpartumillness.com

  5. Kathy says:

    Your taunting me! I want to know about your exciting adventure!!!

  6. No ‘gunk’ here – just the ‘funky flu’ – ugh! NO fun to be sick, in any way, this time of year! Hope everyone is on the mend there (& I totally agree – being Mom and sick is TOUGH!)

  7. KS Dallas says:

    Feel better soon! It is hard to imagine being sick right now (it is in the high 90’s!), but I do remember being sick with 1 toddler and that was horrible. I can only imagine have 4. Heck even having all of them be sick has to be hard! Anyway, can’t wait for your upcoming, exciting post…

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