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Motherhood certainly has its moments. There are moments of delight, heroism, and satisfaction, as well as moments of fear, discouragement, and grief. (And all of this can be experienced within the first half hour of the day.) 

Regardless of what you feed your family for dinner, the disaster of your living room, or the score at the end of the soccer game, you know there will be stories to tell at the end of the day.  A new spot on the carpet tells about a disaster that is now “laughable”.  A band aide reminds you of a tender moment that you were present to “fix”.  The unfolded laundry in the dryer proves that there were better memories made in its place.

And sharing the stories are almost as fun the moment itself. 


Who better to share stories of motherhood with than with than our own moms?  I’m so thankful to have my mom and my mother in law within an hours drive, which I realize is a true blessing. However, P&G wants to help those of you who are separated by miles from your moms and you can help other moms reunite by voting for your favorite entries.

You are invited to log onto and enter to win a travel voucher to help cover the cost of a special reunion with their mom or mom figure in your life.  Contest entrants must submit a 100 word essay describing why they’d like to be united with their mom.  Approximately 15 winners will be chosen every month through the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Be sure to vote on your favorite entries for the Thank You Mom Reunions here.

This post is part of the P&G Thank You Mom Reunion Campaign through Blissful Media Group.


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  1. Love those photos! You captured the gamut of motherhood beautifully!

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