Prehistoric Rabbit Repellant for Gardens

Somehow Peter Rabbit snuck into our garden a few nights ago, even though we have a raised bed surrounded by chicken wire.  The little furry pest ate one entire row and a half of green beans, all of the cucumber plants but one, and trampled the peas. 

I looked up a natural deterrent for rabbits while Brad and I were out the other night and found out that rabbits are skittish and can be temporarily scared off by a rubber snake. 

We were lacking in the rubber snake department, but we had plenty of dinosaurs to spare, and believe it or not, they’ve done the trick!  They’ve guarded our garden quite nicely until Brad had an opportunity to put another layer of tinier holed chicken wire up.  They might have just earned their way out of the toy box for the summer. 


P1000143c1  P1000143c2 P1000143c3


Take THAT, Rabbit.