Who Knew Turtles Could Swim Like This…


These little turtles LOVE the water this year.  Last year, they stayed mostly in the baby pool close to the edge.  This year, they are jumping in, kicking, and blowing bubbles.  Isaac and Brooks are even jumping in on their own, going underwater, swimming to the ladder, climbing up, jumping back in record time.  It cracks me up to see these little dudes learning to swim. 


Huge thanks to several of my quad mama friends for introducing us to Puddle Jumpers*.  They are fabulous, and allow us to be able to take all of the boys to the pool safely.  The boys love their “turtles”, and they’ve gained so much confidence in the water. Highly recommend! 


Isaac is pure FISH.  The boy is fearless and is a natural in the water.  


Clark enjoys chillin’ poolside and swimming with one of us close by.


Brooks started off like a log, but has turned into Fishy #2. 


Henry is the step master.  He loves to wade along the steps and blow bubbles until Mama snatches him for a swim in the deeper water.

They each have different personalities in AND out of the water.


Love spending family time in the pool and being able to actually swim with them.  Time flies when your splashing! 


Food taste best after a nice long swim.

I’m thinking swim lessons might be in our near future…

When did you or your kids learn to swim?  How did they learn?


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9 thoughts on "Who Knew Turtles Could Swim Like This…"

  1. We are starting our girls on swim lessons this summer. If you look into it, you will probably be shocked at how expensive they are! We highly recommend getting a family YMCA membership. In addition to all the other benefits of membership, swim lessons are free and continuous. We can keep re-enrolling them in each class level until they are all 3 pros! And in most areas the monthly membership fee is much cheaper than the cost of traditional swim lessons, at least from all the venues we looked into.

  2. purejoy says:

    i agree with jessie. YMCA is the way to go.
    ours learned about the age of your boys. you’ll be so glad you did. ours also did swim team every summer. they became very accomplished in the pool and it’s such good exercise and with swim team, fun community.
    have fun this summer!

  3. We didn’t hear about puddle jumpers until late in the season last year but found some this year and I love them, too! Last year, we had arm swimmies + life jackets and with 3 kiddos, that was a lot of stuff to lug and put on/off. The PJ are SO much easier and allows the kids to move more freely. Sarah’s been all over the pool in hers! We start swimming lessons in 2 weeks! THe kids can’t wait!

  4. Kara says:

    LOOOOVVVEEE IT! awesome pictures. I took swimming lessons when i was a kid and havent drowned since! 🙂

  5. Sallie says:

    My little one (3) has gained so much confidence this year after two weeks of lessons at a local, private pool. It’s such a joy to see her new independence. She usually wears “floaties” on her arms and loves to jump in and “swim” to me. The we “spiderman” down the wall back to the ladder. She’s still learning, but before the lessons she would not let go of mama for anything!

  6. Kori Gammon says:

    My three year old Spencer took a two week swim lesson session from a friend in her backyard pool. He hold his breath really well now and loves the water. We’ve also been taking him several times a week since lessons to practice and that helps a lot.

  7. Gail says:

    My son was 3 when he took lessons. My daughter “took” to the water and never had official lessons until she was 10…she wanted to be on a swim team with her friends, so she learned the correct strokes. They both eventually swam on the team (very low-key league) and had a great time…lots of socializing!

  8. Kate says:

    We LOVE Puddle Jumpers too! From my experience, don’t expect them to actually learn how to swim from swimming lessons before they are about 4.5 or 5 years old. Also, around here in NW Indiana, the YMCA lessons are a joke. Look for experienced teachers, not teenagers looking for a summer job.

  9. Kevin says:

    What is it about kids and water? Once they get in, it’s always hard to get ’em out. 🙂 Even when the sun goes down and they begin to shiver in the water.

    But swimming is one of those vital life skills that everyone should know.

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