Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Racecar Drivers








Unless of course it makes them this happy.

I do wonder what my boys will grow up to be.  It’s so rewarding to watch their personalities take shape, and become even more distinct.

Here’s my best guesses from knowing their little 3 year-old selves:

Isaac – A sports announcer, a negotiator, or an actor

Clark – A veterinarian, a song-writer, or a story teller

Brooks – An artist, a carpenter, or a healthcare provider

Henry – An engineer, a helicopter pilot, or a sales rep

I’m sure they’ll all prove me wrong, but nevertheless it’s fun to think about…

How about you? What do you think your children will become one day? 


7 thoughts on "Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Racecar Drivers"

  1. Sidnie says:

    Oh, Mama… with 4 boys, to worry about- Bless your heart! 🙂

    I wonder (& worry) about what my boys will grow up to be too. I worry that they’ll be daredevils, and want to jump out of helicopters, or join the military, or like you said- be racecar drivers. All of which would make me proud, but oh, the worry!

  2. Giana says:

    Hi! I’ve Stumbled Upon your blog, and I just love it. I’ve got two boys, and I bow down to you Mama! I can’t even begin to imagine my three year old times 4….YIKES!
    As far as what I think my boys will be hmmm…Right now the things they love the most are cars, trains and tools. Typical boys. So race car driver, engineer, or carpenter seem to by in their futures. But you never know, boys are FULL of surprises! 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    I am a race car driver and so is my husband and I worry that my son will be too! LOL
    It’s one thing to do it yourself. Quite another when you see your baby doing it!
    If you ever come to the Cincinnati area, drop me a line if you want to join us. We can give your boys a ride (just idling in the pits – not race). They can get in free, too!
    Tell them they can be whatever they want to be – as long as Mommy and Daddy can live with them in their mansion! LOL

  4. Your boys are adorable!

    My oldest is a brainiac, I imagine he will be some sort of engineer. But he also adores babies and toddlers, if he can get over his squeamishness, I think he’d be a good pediatrician.

    My middle is energetic, enthusiastic and charismatic. Weatherman. LOL! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he ended up being a celeb of some sort (music, acting, etc), though I really hope he doesn’t. I don’t want my baby on Perez Hilton! I don’t see him at a desk job. Even his 1st grade teacher told me to contact her in 20 years because she’s curious about what he’s gonna do.

    The youngest is 2 1/2. The only girl. If her current dynamic with the family holds any indication of the future…whatever she will be, she will be the boss of it.

  5. oh wow…I’m not sure how or why but I don’t think I’ve ever sat back and thought about what my kids will be when they grow up!?! Hmmm….Sarah maybe a teacher like me or work in a book store or library. Jacob a sports announcer (he’s LOUD!) or fireman. Adam is working on his Conductor skills (choo choo!) but also likes gadgets so maybe a computer programmer like his daddy.

  6. CourtneyP says:

    I hope at least ONE of your boys grows up to love racing! My husband has been at it for 11 years now and is one of the best guys I know:) Patient, competitive, and loves to spend time at the shop with our son teaching him new things. My son has already acquired his love of racing from his father, and our whole family and support group of friends and sponsors spend 3 nights a week together at the race track. Isn’t it fun to wonder what our boys will turn out to be? Their personalities are so clear so early! I knew Nash would race when he said last week,”My daddy fast, he win! Beat those cars in turn4!” haha! Maybe a sports announcer someday!

  7. Val says:

    As they grow, start figuring out their “love languages”. It may lead to a clue to what/where they will become/serve when they are older. First, you may need to read the book, “The 5 Love Languages” if you have not. Very helpful in general in your relationships with spouse and children.

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