31 Things You May Not Know About QuatroMama


In celebration of my 31 years here on earth, I thought I’d share 31 Things You May, or May Not, Or May Not Care to know about me, Jen, aka QuatroMama. =)

1.  I love mushrooms. I love them so much that I search menus for things containing mushrooms and order based on that one ingredient.


2.  I can talk sports better than almost any girl I know, especially college basketball or NFL football.

3.  I wear a size 3 shoe in KIDS. Brad calls my feet “hooves”, because they are so small.  My wedding shoes straps were Velcro – No Lie!

4.  I played Sandy in Grease my senior year in high school. I “had me a blast”!

sandy in grease

5.  I’ve never been able to nail down a favorite color.

6.  I’m very indecisive. =)

7. I met Brad when I was 4 years old trick or treating.  We walked around our town square together. I was an dressed as an Arabian and Brad was a Care Bear. What an odd couple we made!

carebear halloween

8. He ruined my Mickey and Minnie sweat suit in middle school by throwing walnuts at me.

9. We started dating my junior year in high school, and never broke up.

10.  My favorite desserts are ice cream, cherry pie, and chocolate sheet cake.


11.  I have never dyed my hair.

12. However, I once had permed bangs in middle school. Classy! (I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of pictures for now.)

13. I have a bad habit of reading emails and not responding to them. I’m working on it…

14. I majored in Speech-Language Pathology at Butler University. Go Dawgs!


15. I’ve never eaten at White Castle. 

16. I’ve never broken a bone.

17. My favorite number has always been “4”. =)


18. My favorite splurge is Cherry Coke.

19. My brother is also my pastor.

20. I would marry Target if I wasn’t already committed.

21. I grew up on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood , Little House on the Prairie, The Cosby Show, and The Brady Bunch .

22. My favorite verses are Proverbs 3:5,6


23.  I was voted “Best Lips” at my senior prom.

24. I used to drive a blue Cutlass Ciera named “Marge”.

25.  My mother-in-law taught me reproductive health in 7th grade Home Ec.  Bet you didn’t learn that from your mother-in-law!

26. My husband and I cheer for rival teams in basketball.  Our groom’s cake was a “House Divided: Purdue vs. IU”. Go IU!  

27. I’ve always been a Hoosier, resulting in my favorite movie being Hoosiers.


28. I only weighed 35 pounds in first grade.

29. I thrive on sarcastic humor.

30. I’ve never had grandparents, both sets passed away before I was born.

31.  I love things that are personalized, which brings me to…

My Birthday PRESENT for YOU!


I have a $50 Gift Certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs to giveaway!  Lisa designs unique, personalized, handcrafted jewelry.  I get lost on her site on a monthly basis.  Her style is so intoxicating – simple, yet stunning.  Brad gave me a necklace for Mother’s Day and I get compliments on it nearly every day.  I was telling Lisa how much I (and others) enjoy my design and she offered this giveaway!

lisa leonard collage

I know you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to own your own piece of custom jewelry, so here’s how you can win:

1. Leave me a comment telling me which of my “31 Things” you relate to most.


2. Go to Lisa Leonard Designs and tell me how you would spend a $50 Gift Certificate to her store.

3. Follow me on Twitter and tweet,

“I’m celebrating @QuatroMama ‘s birthday by entering her @LisaLeonard giveaway http://bit.ly/9mlG8G !”

4. Become a 4tunate Fan on Facebook.

5. Become a subscriber of 4tunate. (Or let me know if you already subscribe.)


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306 thoughts on "31 Things You May Not Know About QuatroMama"

  1. purejoy says:

    little house on the prairie. i loved that show. related to laura, but secretly wanted to be mary until she lost her sight. had she been able to see she would never had gone for adam. she’d have held out for a more rugged type.

    hope you have a birthday to remember! happy day!

  2. Lynn says:

    This one is easy for me. I can agree with you on so many.
    6. I am very indecisive….
    12. And the perm. That is what we call a right of passage, an intiation into adolescence.
    21. and Smurfs, the Flinstones, Strawberry Shortcake
    29. Sarcasam is my native tounge. I speak it so fluently that some people have trouble keeping up. Right then I know if I can be lifelong friends with them or if it best to keep it superficial. 🙂

    1. Lynn says:

      I also gave the necessary tweet. Been following you on twitter. And became a fan of the facebook page. The jewelrey I would choose would be family crest necklace. So pretty, not like any I have ever seen before.

  3. Lindsay B. says:

    I relate to #2, except my sports knowledge is college football and major league baseball. Boomer Sooner, go Cardinals. My husband and I can talk sports forever!

  4. Elyse says:

    I love your sence of humor & the sarcasm too. I can be SO indecisive sometimes. 😉

    I am a subscriber & “love” your blog on fb!!!!

  5. Janine says:

    So many things that resonate, Sarcasm is a definate, and indecisiveness. Also married my first love. Your brother is your pastor – my husband is mine.. while different has the same sense of not quite the “pastor” feeling when you know them so well.

  6. Erin Powell says:

    #1 – love authentic mushroom quesadillas, and no one else likes mushrooms. Oh well – more for me!
    #3 – size 5 🙂
    #’s 6, 9, 10, 14, 18, 20, 21, 22
    #26 but we’re the opposite of you two
    How fun!

  7. Jaime Westcomb says:

    I relate best to #20 & #21. 20.- If I thought it was possible, I would marry Target. It’s been my FAVORITE store for years! 21.-Those are the EXACT shows my sisters and I watched growing up.
    I tweeted about this giveaway and I’ve followed your blog (through google reader for the last several months-but subscribed again so it might show for you) since before the kiddos. 🙂 I believe I’m a fan of the facebook page already because the option wasn’t there when I went to the page.

    IF I were to win the certificate (selfishly), I would choose the “Be Still” necklace. It brings to mind a devotional shared while I was at a small Bible college and how God is ready to speak to us, but sometimes we just need to quiet down our busy lives & BE STILL in order to hear Him.

  8. Rachel E. says:

    Happy 31st birthday, Jen! I can definitely relate to #13, reading e-mails and not responding. Unless it’s work-related, I always think I’ll respond to them “later” and never get around to it…then they disappear from the first page of my inbox and I forget about them completely. 🙂

  9. Rachel E. says:

    I just tweeted! @rtbs17

  10. Rachel E. says:

    I’m a 4tunate fan on Facebook!

  11. Rachel E. says:

    I subscribe to 4tunate using Google Reader.

  12. samantha Brewer says:

    I have to say that Target is my favourite shop which is annoying as I live in Scotland, UK. Every time my husband and I head over to Oklahoma (his home State), I head to Target and spend hours getting lost in the shop. Due to weight restrictions I can not buy many things, which is better for the bank balance. When my son was born he got a baby blanket from target, I loved it so much that when I got pregnant with my daughter, that was the only baby gift I asked for (the girl version of the same blanket).

    p.s every time I click on your facebook link it just takes me to my homepage – how do I get your page.

  13. Samantha Brewer says:

    I love the ‘captured heart necklace’, I love the fact that it is so simple yet beautiful. That is what I would spend the $50 on.

  14. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday!
    I too am a Hoosier–but only at heart. Five years ago my husband and I moved overseas. One of my Hoosier friends, knowing that I love the movie, Hoosiers, purchased it for us in “Region 3” so it would play on DVD players here!

  15. Sarah says:

    I put you in my Google Reader a few month ago when I realized you were a Hoosier, almost the same age as me (I’m 32), a mom and a Christian. I love reading your blog and seeing photos and reading about familiar places from my childhood!

  16. Audrey says:

    I would totally marry Traget too!!!

  17. Kim Chastain says:

    You wear a size 3 shoe?!? My 8-year old daughter is a tiny 48 lbs and wears a size 3! I can’t imagine! …Thanks for the fun post!

  18. AmazingGreis says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope it’s a FABULOUS day!

    Hmmmmm, what do I relate to?!? Quite a few things actually…

    2 – I can talk sports too, though you and I never agree on our teams, but I still LOVE ya! Go Texans!!

    20 – I would totally marry Target too…I think I get dibs since I’m not committed already! LOL

    23 – I wasn’t voted best lips, but I was voted MOST SPIRITED at my Senior Prom.

    27 – I’m not a Hoosier, but my Junior High School was named after a Hoosier, Ronnie Truitt. He is one of the players in the Hoosier movie, and so we watched the movie in Jr. High at least once every year (3 years) that I was there.

  19. AmazingGreis says:

    I’m a Facebook fan too!

  20. Amy Mathison says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! I was thinking of you this morning and reading your blog made me smile. I identify with soooo many…talking sports, being indecisive, I was Anna in the King and I, I LOVE Target, watched Little House…. but I didn’t meet Scott when I was four and trick-or-treating so you got me there…and my mother-in-law didn’t teach me reproductive health! That’s a good one!

    I have long drooled over Lisa Leonard designs and I’ve given up hope of ever winning one of these things but I guess I’ll give it a try. 🙂

  21. Sarah Thompson says:

    I can relate to so many. But I would have to say the one I relate to the most is thriving on sarcastic humor. I was raised with a lot of humor growing up and love it! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    sarahespn at gmail dot com

  22. megryansmom says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I also am horribly indecisive 😉 ANDDD my birthday is Friday, so that makes us both Libras.

  23. Chelsa Knepp says:

    I also wear a size 3 in little girls- no joke (and I’m 25!). I have also been a Hoosier my whole life (GO IU!)! I also married my high school sweetheart (but his mother did not teach me reproductive health, lol!).

    I would put the 50.00 towards the thin silver cuff bracelet! LOVE IT!

    I am a fan on facebook and also subscribe 🙂

    Happy “late” Birthday!

  24. sarah Thompson says:

    I think I would buy the owl whoo do you love necklace. It is so very cute.

    sarahespn at gmail dot com

  25. megryansmom says:

    I subscribe in my Google Reader 🙂

  26. megryansmom says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  27. sarah Thompson says:

    I am following you and tweeted! twitter id sarahespn1

  28. megryansmom says:

    It’s so hard to choose…but I really like the wish necklace.

  29. Sarah Thompson says:

    I liked you on fb!

  30. sarah Thompson says:

    I am a subscriber!

  31. Michele says:

    I’ve never broken a bone either. 🙂

  32. Michele says:

    I think I would get the captured heart necklace. There are so many beautiful designs. It is hard to narrow it down to one.

    Happy Birthday!

  33. Josephine Parsons says:

    I would love the names of my children on a necklace, but know that I’m not done having children…SO I would buy earrings. I LOVE earrings and rotate them daily. My 3-1/2 year old son loves to choose which pair that I wear so it always adds some fun to our mornings as he has to make one more decision 🙂 (he was helping me pick stuff off of Lisa’s website and chose EVERY pair of earrings…guess its a sign!)

  34. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

    I can relate to #1. I LOVE mushrooms!

    #3 – I don’t remember your feet being small, but we were in middle school so I imagine everyone had small feet then.

    #12 – The bangs! I’m sure I have an old CMS yearbook somewhere, I’ll have to get it out and check out the bangs!

    #25 – I remember Mrs Murray’s class! Wow, how embarassing for you!

    #27 – And do you know that I’ve NEVER seen the movie Hoosiers?

  35. Shannon says:

    I can also talk sports better than most girls I know. We also cheer for IU in this house!

  36. Amy Mathison says:

    I would get heartstrings or brave love if I win.

  37. joanna says:

    #1: I do the same thing. I get weird looks from dinner companions when I order a portobello burger, but, seriously? It’s ALL mushroom. Yum.

    #10: I never, ever turn down ice cream. Especially now that I’m pregnant.

  38. joanna says:

    I’m a subscriber, of course!

  39. Josephine says:

    Already a fan on Facebook!

  40. Shannon says:

    I like the who do you love necklace or family crest.

  41. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

    I like the pewter wall hanging on LL’s page. BUT, I really think that I would get a necklace for my sis-in-law, Polly. She’s expecting baby #2 in mid-Jan, so it would be nice to get her a necklace w/ Cody’s name on it and the name of my new niece or nephew!

  42. Shannon says:

    I follow you on facebook.

  43. joanna says:

    I’d get the whoo do you love? necklace- cute!

  44. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

    I tweeted! ILiveina_Zoo

  45. Drew's Mom says:

    I’ve never broken a bone either! My favorite show as a kid was The Cosby Show. It’s on reruns on TV Land, and I’ll often find myself watching!

  46. Lisa M says:

    I so relate to #1 I love mushrooms!

  47. Lisa M. says:

    I subscribe!

  48. Lisa M. says:

    teenie tiny initials necklace is what I like it is different and cute.

  49. Brianne says:

    I also got reproductive health from your mother in law–but then I got it again in Dad’s biology class freshman year…I think I would have taken that conversation from a mother-in-law over a father any day lol!

  50. Heather says:

    I married my first love too…started dating the last year of high school 🙂

  51. Um, the lips thing? Yea, that’s gonna require some explaining!

  52. Holly Maxwell says:

    I love number 22. I had triplets a year ago and I always trusted God before but now I need to trust Him every day. 🙂
    I am also a member of your blog and I am now a fan our your facebook page. I would get the Laundry line necklace with my three kids’ name on it. Love it!!!

  53. Gina says:

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE Target too! I really had to laugh about your mother-in-law teaching you reproductive health! Thanks for the fun info.

  54. Julie says:

    I am with you on the mushrooms!!

  55. jan says:

    lol – I’ve never had a favorite color either – it seems to always change whenever I’m asked, as my observant kiddos have pointed out.



  56. Jennifer B says:

    #5, 11, and 15! Love your blog!

  57. Jennifer B says:

    I also subscribe to feeds!

  58. Bailey says:

    I already subscribe! AND…I have also never eaten at white castle. My husband thinks this is unAmerican, lol!

  59. Debbie Ringer says:

    I also thrive on sarcastic humor.

  60. Beth says:

    I would be more than happy to post a few middle school picture of the bangs if you’d like?

  61. Janet Smith says:

    For sure #20!! FRICKIN’ LOVE TARGET!!! When I need a little time away from my kiddos, I go hide at Target!

  62. Trish says:

    I lover personalized things too! We just had baby #4 and I really want to get a necklace personalized with each childs name and birthdate. This win would be great to get one of those!

  63. Janet says:

    By the way…I already subscribe & I’m a fan on facebook. Thanks!

  64. Dana says:

    There are a few that we are actually similar on- I too LOVE mushrooms and eat them every day at lunch… raw. I also can wear a size 3 kid’s shoe. And, I am also terrible about reading emails and not responding.

    That and I love personalized things… hope I win 🙂

  65. Dana says:

    I have been eyeing the Heartstrings necklace for a long time. I’d love to get one of those 🙂

  66. Dana says:

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted 🙂

  67. Dana says:

    I follow on Facebook!

  68. Janet says:

    One more comment I promise…..Congrats to Brad on winning the design contest on the Multiples and More page. Love the new Button, I just added it to my page! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it’s great!

  69. April says:

    I have never eaten at White Castle and I have never dyed my hair!

  70. Jessica says:

    I am absolutely indecisive. It drives my husband crazy!!

  71. Destiny says:

    I am a subscriber!

  72. April says:

    I would use the $50 towards the captured heart necklace. I love it and would love to have a piece of jewelry with my little girl’s name on it to wear every day!

  73. Destiny says:

    I would splurge on a remembrance bracelet with my son’s name on it.

  74. Destiny says:

    I can totally relate to the ice cream and chocolate cake!!!

  75. Marianne says:

    Holy moly! We have A LOT in common! Happy birthday sweet friend! I hope the next 31 years are even better than your first 31.

    Hugs and blessings,

  76. crabapple says:

    i love sports! i know baseball rules better than most of the ups/coaches that my kids had when they were growing up!

    also love mushrooms, and my fave color changes all the time!

    happy birthday!

    oh and i’ve been a subscriber to your blog for.ever! (well, maybe not forever, but a for a long time!)

  77. crabapple says:

    oh my gosh! how could one ever possibly decide on 1 of lisa leonards designs?! love them all! my faves though are the open circle bracelent and the family crest necklace.

  78. KS Dallas says:

    13. I have a bad habit of reading emails and not responding to them. I’m working on it…

    Although, I am curious how Brad ruined your M&M sweats with walnuts…

  79. KS Dallas says:

    I went to Lisa’s site and honestly, I would have a hard time picking! There are a lot of cute things on there. I would probably let my daughter (15) pick something out for herself. It would be a real treat for her.

  80. heather says:

    happy birthday, jen!!! hope it’s a great one. glad to know another female comrad in football – i’m the only gal in one of my fantasy leagues. oh, and the “together necklace” seems to sum up the perdues summer pretty well. “shaped by grace, laughter, joy & tears”

  81. melissa says:

    Best Lips 🙂

  82. melissa says:

    I love the little feet

  83. Martha says:

    I have never broken a bone either! PLUS I haven’t been to White Castle either. Don’t plan on it anytime soon either.

  84. Martha says:

    I follow you already! 🙂

  85. Martha says:

    I would probably choose the “Captured Heart” necklace that was featured in Parent mag. I would inscribe my three girls plus little James who is in Heaven. Beautiful!

  86. Kimberly says:

    Like you, I also have VERY tiny feet. My husband calls them “the shrimps”, mostly because both of my second toes curl a little at the end like a cocktail shrimp. It’s hard to imagine that as a preteen I still sometimes managed to select shoes that were a little too short even for my small feet! Thus, causing my “shrimp curl”!

  87. I too thrive on sarcastic humor and absolutely adore anything personalized! Super cute comments about you! Love it!!

  88. Kori Gammon says:

    I also had some pretty wild permed bangs back in the day. My husband likes to tease me about it. Also, our new Honda Odyssey is named Marge. We love it by the way! Congrats on winning the moms of multiples contest!

  89. Lisa says:

    I can totally relate to your love of Target – I too have that love!!
    If I won I would love to have the “Brave Love” necklace. It would be perfect for all my dear ones’ names ?

  90. punkinmama says:

    I also have never broken a bone and have quite an affinity for Target!

  91. punkinmama says:

    I go through Lisa Leonard’s site often too. Somehow I’ve never seen the “whoo do you love?” necklace before – it’s adorable! I might have to get that one if I were to win!

    (Also, how have I never noticed your shoe size before?! Forgive me if my eyes wander to your feet the next time we see each other!) 😉

  92. punkinmama says:

    I am a 4tunate Fan on Facebook.

  93. punkinmama says:

    I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader.

  94. I absolutely adore and have to have the “you’re the cream in my coffee “. Not
    only can I not live without coffee but I cannot live without my husband and would
    love to have this necklace with his name!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  95. I follow you on Twitter @funkyfaithgirl and tweeted about the giveaway.

  96. I follow you on FB.

    Leigh Dusek

  97. I subscribe to your blog thru google reader

  98. Kristy says:

    My husband & I started dating our Jr year…however, we did break up during college but got back together (obviously or he wouldn’t be my husband!)…can relate to #11, 15 & 16, #21 (since we are the same age) & love #22 too!

  99. Heather L. says:

    I’ve never died my hair or eaten at White Castle either!! 🙂 This was a great list! I hope you are enjoying a lovely day!

  100. Casey says:

    I also started dating my husband (first love) my junior year. We had GGBB quads 10 1/2 months ago! 🙂

  101. Jennifer Brothers-Haler says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

  102. Casey says:

    I already follow your blog, and just starting following you on Facebook.

  103. Carolyn HP says:

    I’m new to your blog, but what better way to start out getting to know you then a birthday post, happy birthday 🙂 I love your site, saw it on a post on twitter! One of my favorite movies is Hoosiers too!

  104. Christi says:

    I relate with the Sports Talk, therefore my guy friends are often ask me for advice on Fantasy Sports!

    I love College Football (go Sun Devils!) and NFL (go Colts!)

    Also, my in-laws both went to Butler (go Dawgs!)

  105. Linda Blackburn says:

    I love mushrooms too! I am a fan on facebook and I already subscribe. I enjoy your blog!

  106. Anna Paddock says:

    I LOVE cherry coke!! Yum!!

  107. Crystal Williams says:

    I also have never had a broken bone.

  108. oh amanda says:

    Can I just say that leaving us with no more information OR pictures about YOU BEING SANDY IS JUST WRONG.

    That is all.

  109. Lindsey says:

    I’ve never broken a bone either, but what I most relate to is being indecisive. You have mushrooms to give you direction- when I go to a restaurant I have to read the whole menu before I make a decision, it drives my husband crazy! Lol

  110. Summaiyah says:

    i already subscribe, and I would use it toward the “large initial bracelet”.

    Happy birthday!

  111. Anna Cast says:

    Hey Jen! I want to enter your giveaway, but also HAD to say something about the sports thing! I totally understand your love of sports—I seem to remember going to an Indiana Pacer game with you and Kirby? I’m sure you couldn’t forget about the “beary balloons”! hee hee… But I LOOOOOooooooooove sports too! I’m with ya, and can’t believe I haven’t seen you in, er, 3 years?!

    Take care!!!!


  112. Miranda says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I also met my husband in high school! I was 15 and he was 17. Three years later we were married and 9 1/2 months later our daughter was born! 2 years later, I can’t imagne my life any other way. Also, Ive never dyed my hair either.

  113. Miranda says:

    I’m following you on Twitter and I tweeted about this giveaway.

  114. Miranda says:

    I would spend my $50 on the petite original necklace. Its so beautiful!

  115. Jill says:

    I can relate to several things…..but one specifically is the no hair dyeing thing. People are usually shocked when I say that I’ve never dyed my hair. And….just one question….did your shoe size increase at all when you were pregnant? that’s crazy to me that your foot is that small. I’m currently on my 2nd pregnancy and my foot is now a whole size bigger than it was before I got pregnant with my first.

  116. I can relate to the house divided since my Indy native husband is an avid Colts fan and I am a CO native Bronco fan. Love the post!

  117. I totally drove a Cutless Ciera too!! Mine was an ’82 (year I was born!!) and I inherited it from my great grandmother. It was baby blue and was so faded- inside and out. I was so embarrassed to drive it in HS- I mean it didn’t even have a tape deck, much less a CD player, or cup holders, how in the world was I supposed to cruise with my friends??
    BTW, it’s a great time of year to have a b-day….today is mine!!

  118. I’m already a subscriber.

  119. I’m a Facebook fan.

  120. Kalle says:

    I’m terrible at reading emails and not responding to them. It’s always a work in progress for me, especially because I love getting emails and thoughts from friends, family and bloggers. Sigh, must be more diligent so others can enjoy getting emails.

  121. Heather says:

    I can actually relate to several as well. My husband and I knew of each other early in life around age 4 or 5. We started dating our junior year in high school and never stopped either 🙂 I have also never dyed my hair! Very fun list and giveaway! Happy 31 years!!

  122. Kalle says:

    I subscribe/follow via blogger

  123. How can I pick just one thing?? I love everything, but I think I would get the itty bitty hearts necklace with my and my husband’s initials.

  124. Courtney says:

    I loved your #21. Those were some of the same shows I watched growing up. Why don’t they make good stuff like that anymore?!
    Love your blog by the way 🙂

  125. Molly says:

    As if I didn’t adore you already, i now know that we shared the same model of an Oldsmobile. Sigh. Mine was named Lucy.

  126. Heather says:

    Oh and I would pick the petite original necklace with an added disc for my second kiddo:)

  127. Jenny B says:

    Oh girl…i love you so much! EXCEPT that you’re an IU fan….ew….I’m gonna side with Brad on this one about my Purdue education and say—BOILER UP!

    HAPPY HAPPY birthday momma!

    Jenny B

  128. Jenny B says:

    I am a blog follower:)

  129. Jenny B says:

    FB fan here baby!:)

  130. Leah says:

    I follow you on FB

    Love, love, love Little House (Matt just got me three full seasons on dvd for no reason other than he knew I would love them)

    And I smiled when I read that your m-i-l taught you reproductive health in 7th grade. I had forgotten that you would have had Mrs. Murray for that! Too funny!

  131. Jenny B says:

    I SOOOOO want the sterling ring with my quads names on it! I LOVE THAT!! **(please random # generator….PICK ME:)**

  132. Beth says:

    I agree on the favorite color thing– there are too many good choices to pick just one! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  133. Michelle Harrod says:

    We are very similar…same age, tiny feet, mushrooms, broken bones, etc…but I’d say I relate most to you with “sarcastic humor”. It’s very hard for me to even be FRIENDS with someone who doesn’t appreciate sarcasm!

  134. Sarah White says:

    I relate most to loving NFL football (I would say go Panthers, but they kinda stink right now) and college basketball (go Duke!) and I’ve never eaten at White Castle either.

    I love the Word of the Year necklace. I would put my three boys names on it. Though, That would cost a bit more than $50. 😉

    I already subscribe to you with Google reader and just became a fan on FB.

  135. Sarah says:

    Oh, and a very happy birthday to you! 🙂

  136. Holly says:

    I actually relate to a LOT of these – but the first one that struck me was #1. Hello, fellow mushroom lover!

  137. Lauren Green says:

    I enjoyed reading your 31 facts. 🙂

  138. Lindsey says:

    #20 all the way! I’m actually employed by Target and LOVE to hear how much people love Target 🙂

  139. Danielle Barton says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m a fan on facebook!

  140. Danielle Barton says:

    Well.. this is odd.. but I don’t really have anything I relate w/ you on… hmmm… my closest would have to be… MY FAVORITE NUMBER IS 7!! Only 3 #’s away! ha! Hope your birthday was blessed 31x’s over!

  141. Danielle Barton says:

    O I would love to have the teeny tiny initials necklace w/ my 3 girls on it ($49) or tiny squares necklace $56. My oldest and youngest will be adopted soon… what a sweet gift to commemorate the occasion! Thank you for you give-away!

  142. Eos Mom says:

    Happy Birthday! I most relate to #20 and 21.

  143. Therese says:

    Hey Jen! I also majored in Speech Path at Butler! I think we must’ve just missed each other. I transferred in as a Sophomore in 2001 and graduated in 2004. For the life of me I can’t remember how I came upon your blog, I think through another BU person, but I just love to read about your insight as a mother and a Christian. GO DAWGS!

  144. Terri says:

    I can’t relate to a single thing on your List of 31, but I sure do enjoy your blog!

  145. Terri says:

    I would get the open circle necklace

  146. Miranda says:

    I definitley relate to #18 and the LOVE for cherry coke. Since being pregnant, I have cut back and I can’t wait to have a Sonic Route 44 cherry coke after giving birth!

  147. Miranda says:

    I subscribe to 4tunate on google reader.

  148. Miranda says:

    From the lovely Lisa Leonard site, I would choose the little feet necklace in honor of my little boy due next month.

  149. Kim M says:

    I LOVE that you met your husband when you were 4!! That’s one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever heard!

    I, like you, love mushrooms. My husband hates them, so I also have a tendency to order them (or fish, another thing he hates) whenever we are out. I, like you, cannot decide on a favorite color.

    I enjoyed your list 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  150. Elizabeth says:

    4 is my favorite number, too.

  151. Elizabeth says:

    I’d get the pewter heart wall hanging.

  152. Rae says:

    I love that you named your car. I tend to name everything! I also follow your blog. Thanks for having a great giveaway and happy birthday!!!

  153. Jennifer McDougal says:

    I love sarcastic humor as well. 🙂

  154. Laura says:

    Okay… I just have *too* much to say here…
    First, I can relate to so many of those – married to my high school sweetheart, never have a broken bone, have never eaten at White Castle, etc, etc! 🙂
    I already follow your blog and on Facebook…
    And I had a hard time deciding what I would like most from Lisa Leonard’s site, but I really like the Little Feet necklace!
    Hope you’re doing well!

  155. Sonya says:

    Happy Birthday! I also wear a really small shoe size and I have worn the kids 3 before! I’ve never dyed my hair or eaten at White Castle!

  156. Sonya says:

    I follow your blog, I’m a facebook fan, and I’m tweeting right now (mrs_mcj)!

  157. Carole says:

    Definitely 13 and 21! We are working on collecting all the “Little House” sets…
    I’m a Facebook fan, too!

  158. Carter Bell says:

    I relate to #15…I, too, have never eaten at White Castle and am made to feel like I have not truly lived whenever people discover my lack of food “culture.”


  159. Krystyn says:

    Happy, happy birthday! I can’t believe you wear a 3!

    (And, I thrive on sarcasm, too!)

  160. Krystyn says:

    I subscribe to your blog:)

  161. Carissa says:

    My husband and I also met when we were little. I was 3 and he was 6. We met at church!

  162. Kate says:

    Jen, OH.MY.WORD…size 3 in KIDS shoes??? WHAT?! We need a picture to prove this. 🙂

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend!! Hope this year brings blessings beyond your wildest imagination!

    Ok, we need to have a Jen and Kate party where we eat meals overloaded with mushrooms while we read our favorite verse Prov. 3:5-6 to one another. But NOT while we watch sports…sorry, not a fan. I’ll color your hair for you though, because its time you do something wild. 🙂 Oh, and my favorite number has always been 4 too!

    Oh, and if for some reason you draw my number as the winner, pick someone else and bless them instead. 🙂 Not that I don’t LOVE Lisa Leonard stuff…I most certainly do! But I was already lucky enough to win the HP Mini, so if random.org is crazy enough to pick my number again, I want to pass the love onto someone else. 🙂

  163. Amy says:

    Indecisive is my middle name! I struggle with that daily! I feel bad for you- never a White Castle? You have not lived until you have tried one of those babies!! I feel like I hit the jackpot- a target and a white castle across the street from me!

  164. Carissa says:

    I would choose one of the necklaces to put my kids name on. Not for sure which one. There are so many cute ones:)

  165. amy says:

    I looked at the site. I love this stuff! I think I would get the mama necklace. I relate the most to that. It is beautiful and resembles all that I think a mother is.

  166. Carissa says:

    I am a fan on facebook!!

  167. mmm….I love my Mom’s “Texas Sheet Cake” – delic!!

    Happy Birthday!

  168. I’m a facebook fan of 4tunate!

    and btw….I can’t believe how small your feet are!!! whoa!! How tall/short are you?

  169. I subscribe to your blog via google reader 🙂 never miss reading a post!

  170. Elizabeth says:

    I could marry Target, too, or at least spend a good long afternoon there. =)

  171. Lisa Leonard’s Designs are gorgeous!!! My favorite is a tough call between the Family Tree necklace and the Heartstrings necklace!

  172. Amanda says:

    No way. My first car was a white cutless sierra named Bessie! Did you play Milli Vanilli on a cassette tape in yours.

    Just have to ask, did you learn the difference between fraternal and identical twins first from your MIL?

  173. I too thrive on sarcastic humor. I have to – I married the king. I’m really thinking that’s all we have in common. Besides the fact that I think your kids are adorable and I love your blog of course. 🙂

  174. Patty Wood says:

    I started following you when the boys were quite small and was hooked right away. I follow you on Google reader, twitter and FB. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  175. Erin M. says:

    So funny! I actually relate most to #2! But in my case it is college and pro football!

    And sadly, I relate to #13 as well – working on it too 🙂


  176. miriam says:

    i have named all my cars….the first one was Buffy for Buffy in a Family Affair. However I later became a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so it works either way. I no longer have the car (it was a 75 Fiat spider).

    i also have never broken a bone…

    I get the RSS feed on my browser, not sure that counts as subscribing..

    I would buy a charm representing my nearly 4 year old b/g twins..

  177. Lorraine says:

    I Love mushrooms too. Can’t get enough!!!!

  178. Chrisy Hinesley says:

    I heard about your blog through a friend at church and thought I’d check it out! Your boys are great! I like the dewdrop necklace…it’s a hard choice though!

  179. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

    I’ve subscribed to receive email alerts!

  180. Happy Birthday Jen! Hope your men treated you well! Loved your list, might just have to do one on my birthday, too. I’ve never broken a bone, either. Here’s hoping we never do!

  181. As much as I love all of Lisa’s stamped necklaces, I’m smitten with the aqua stone necklace right now. Beautiful!

  182. Deanna says:

    The open-circle bracelet is super cute!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  183. Deanna says:

    I subscribe in Google Reader.

  184. Stacey Paul says:

    Hey Jen! Happy Birthday! I bet it was a good one with all the guys doting on you! I thought this list was so fun!!

    I love cooked mushrooms, I’m very indecisive, and I’ve never eaten at White Castle!!

  185. Katharine says:

    I love mushrooms too!

  186. Lisa says:

    I related to your size 3 shoes, not for my own feet but for my daughter. She is in the 3rd grade and is still in size 12 toddlers. You have to give me tips on where to get stylish shoes in town for small feet! It is a struggle. I also relate to your love of mushrooms. Morels are my favorite (when I can find them)! Happy birthday and thanks for sharing.

  187. Jen says:

    #4 and #22. I played the lead female role, Rosemary, in “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” my senior year of high school. My favorite life verse is also Proverbs 3:5.

  188. Sara Hintz says:

    Happy Birthday Quatro Mama:)

  189. Jen says:

    Follow on twitter and tweeted.

  190. Jen says:

    Fan on Facebook

  191. Jen says:

    Subscriber of 4tunate.

  192. Jen says:

    I would love to get my mom’s Christmas present from Lisa’s collection, specifically the brave love necklace.

  193. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

    Mushroom Recipe for you! Bryan made these last night. Take the mushrooms you buy in the store (the whole ones, not the slices). Cut out the stem and make a “bowl” out of the ‘shroom. Fill the bowl part with cheddar cheese (the soup in a can type) and sprinkle with pieces of already cooked bacon. He heated them in the oven long enough for it all to melt together and get hot. Soooooooo good!

  194. ashley says:

    chocolate sheet cake, ice cream being fav desserts!

    I so wished we had done Grease in high school, but our drama/music teacher didn’t think the end was very classy (I would have been the perfect Sandy…instead I was Rose from Bye Bye Birdie and danced on a table for men…ironic?)

  195. Scott Mathison says:

    Easy. I used to drive a brown Thunderbird that my friends lovingly named “The ThunderTurd”. As for how I’d spend the $50 – that’s easy as well! On my lovely wife. She’s been itching for some of Lisa’s fantastic jewelry and I’d love nothing better than to bless her with some! Happy Birthday Jen the Hen! So glad you’re in Amy’s life!

  196. Kirsten says:

    I love cherry coke~! I drink way too much trying to get this new mommy thing down. 🙂

  197. Jill says:

    I can relate best with the Sarcastic Humor! It is now rubbing off on my 4 year old son as well 😉

  198. jill says:

    I would use the gift certificate for the Jumble of charms and get one with each of my kids names on it.

  199. Carin says:

    Oooh Oooh! I’ve been wanting a Lisa necklace for ages, but feel incredibly guilty spending the money on me! How sweet of you to offer US a gift on YOUR b-day! Hope you had a great one!!

    I TOTALLY relate to growing up with Little House on the Prairie! I even remember what time it was on!! Pa Ingalls looked a lot like my dad, so I really connected with him for some reason!! LOVE LITTLE HOUSE!

  200. Carin says:

    Picking just ONE necklace is like eating only ONE piece of chocolate cake! IMPOSSIBLE! I love the Heartstrings necklace… but the new Brave Love necklace is pretty darn awesome, too! Every time I visit the site I pick a new one to love!!

  201. Melissa Y says:

    I can relate to #28, I only weighed about 36 pounds in 1st grade, shoot, when I graduated from college I weighed 90!

  202. Sallie says:

    Happy Birthday! Best Lips? Who even came up with that catagory? I enjoyed reading ALL 31 things. Let’s not talk about highschool hairdos, okay?

  203. Sallie says:

    I love everything that Lisa Leonard has in her store! I always try to order on free earring friday too since those freshwater pearls are faves! I would love to have one of the larger pieces, but can only afford to order a little at a time. LOVE anything with the little birdie on it!

  204. Sallie says:

    I’m a FB fan!

  205. Sallie says:

    I’m also subscribed to your RSS feed. Thanks for the great opportunities to win such an awesome prize! Happy Birthday!

  206. Lisa says:

    I would marry Target too!!!!!

    I would spend the $ on one of the necklaces you can personalize with the names of your kids. I am on hospital bedrest with my second and it would be nice to get a nice piece of jewelry….and a healthy baby….when this is all done!

  207. Tara says:

    The Brady Bunch! I love the Brady Bunch…always have, always will!

  208. Tara says:

    I am already a subscriber! 🙂

  209. Tara says:

    From the website, I’d love either the “True Love Hearts Necklace” or “Through my lens necklace”

  210. Tara says:

    I just became a fan on facebook! 🙂

  211. PsychMamma says:

    Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! I LOVE Lisa Leonard! AND, I can’t believe how much we have in common! I’m a Hoosier (although I hate that word), I’ve never broken a bone or eaten at White Castle, Cherry Coke is my favorite splurge (especially made the old-fashioned, soda fountain way!), and I would marry Target in a heartbeat if I wasn’t already committed!

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

    Happy Birthday!

  212. PsychMamma says:

    From Lisa’s site, I love the Fly Free necklace and the Word of the Year Necklace, which I would stamp with “Breathe” (I love the circle, b/c it reminds me of the idea of karma – what goes around, comes around).

    Again, thanks for the chance to enter!

  213. Rebecca says:

    I’m an IU alum, so it’s gotta be #26! Go Hoosiers! 🙂

  214. Rebecca says:

    I’d get the Sweet and Simple Bird necklace for a friend who is going through a tough time (and loves birds!).

  215. Shelby G. says:

    Definitely Cherry Coke! I always have the craving for this with a little chocolate too!

  216. Claire says:

    I’ve never eaten at White Castle either, and I absolutely ADORE ice cream!

  217. Claire says:

    I’d pick the kisses and hugs necklace (and spend my own $6.00 extra to buy it).

  218. Alicia says:

    Wow, we have a lot in common! I don’t have a favorite color, I am very indecisive, I have not eaten at White Castle, love Target, and Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite scripture as well!

  219. Alicia says:

    And you are already on my Google Reader….. obviously I am a few days behind on it though : )

  220. Dave says:

    I think this (http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/inspired-designs/illuminate-necklace.html) necklace sums up my wife the most with the sparkle in it.

  221. Dave says:

    I’d use the gift certificate to get the aforementioned necklace (http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/inspired-designs/illuminate-necklace.html).

  222. Dave says:

    Follow you on fb (@Elphokitty)

  223. Tamara says:

    I’m a follower, have been forever it feels like.

    I loved learning more about you and love that you’ve known Brad almost your entire life, how sweet.

    I’ve never eaten White Castle and I’m pretty good at talking NFL!

  224. Celeste says:

    {loved your list!}

    well, let’s see. I’ve never dyed my hair, I’ve never broken a bone, I’ve never eaten at White Castle, Target *is* amazing … I think I would marry it if that was an option (lol!), I love sarcastic humor, and yes… I love personalized anything!

  225. Celeste says:

    I’d love a vintage frames necklace!

  226. Kathryn says:

    #11 for me! I have never dyed me hair either.

  227. My favorite splurge is also Cherry Coke.

  228. I like the kisses and hugs necklace. It’s very pretty

  229. Faith says:

    Best lips!! Must be nice – I have no lips!! Someday maybe I will buy some! Or not!
    Nice list! Hope to meet you at Relevant!

  230. marla baldree says:

    Definitely number 5. I can’t decide whether my favorite is blue, purple, or red, then there is that lovely lemon yellow….. lol

  231. marla baldree says:

    I would love to have the Lage Link Charm Bracelet. I love the simplicity and beauty of Lisa’s designs.

  232. Kim says:

    I can relate to #21! Just add Sesame Street to the list :)3
    kimhigueria at gmail dot com

  233. kim says:

    I would get a Whoo do you love? necklace
    kimhigueria at gmail dot com

  234. kim says:

    following on twitter and tweeted here:
    kimhigueria at gmail dot com

  235. kim says:

    fan of 4tunate on FB
    kimhigueria at gmail dot com

  236. natalie jane says:

    12. However, I once had permed bangs in middle school. (ME – Almost the whole time)

    13. I have a bad habit of reading emails and not responding to them. (ME – It’s chronic.)

    15. I’ve never eaten at White Castle. (Me- Sick mother! Never have, never will!)

  237. Angie says:

    I love mushrooms too! sadly, the only one in my family that does…but I guess it leaves more for me:)

  238. angie says:

    I love her Wish & Captured Hearts Necklaces!!!! REally I love everything!!!

  239. Darlene Halloran says:

    I have never, ever really been able to state with confidence my favourite color. Frankly, until this very moment, have I admitted that that is true. When my twins press for my favourite, I usually claim (with enthusisasm I might add) that my color just happens to be their favourite color as well. Thanks for validating my love of everything colorful!

  240. Kristy Williams says:

    I love sarcastic humor!

  241. Kristy Williams says:

    I love the tiny squares necklace! I love all of her stuff actually but if I have to choose!

  242. Taryn says:

    GO IU!!! Love the Hoosiers movie too!

  243. Taryn says:

    I would get the brave love necklace or jumble of charms necklace.

  244. Katie says:

    #24 Made me think about my Buick Skylark. It was my first car and we called it “the Beast”. Good times. 🙂

  245. Trudy says:

    I can relate to never having eaten at White Castle!

  246. Trish says:

    #10….I love those 3 as well!!!! Different order, but the same ones.

  247. Jennifer Hardin says:

    I absolutely relate that I grew up with no grandparents, they all passed before I was even a thought in my parents mind. I grew up on all those shows…why aren’t kids watching them now? I still laugh hysterically at them. Your list was a true insight to what kids are missing these days!!!

  248. Kate Hardin says:

    I’ll have to go with the desserts as the one I can most say we are alike. I love ice cream and chocolate cake, but I’d go for a big, thick piece of cake rather than sheet. 🙂

  249. Kate Hardin says:

    Just became a 4tunate fan on FB. 🙂

  250. Kate Hardin says:

    How to choose? I like the heartstrings design and the daisy chain. They are all beautiful! Happy belated birthday to you Jen.

  251. Pam says:

    We don’t have White Castle’s here…

  252. Jenn says:

    I can relate to lots of these but I will pick the one I think is a big deal at 30 years old…never broken a bone either.

  253. Jenn says:

    Love Lisa’s stuff. I think I would spend the gift certificate on a open circle bracelet with my new baby and little boy’s names and a verse of some kind.

  254. Kristy says:

    I’d marry Target too!

  255. Your favorite versus is one of my many favorites.

  256. MamaHen says:

    I love chocolate sheet cake too!

  257. i like the open circle bracelet

  258. i follow on twitter and tweeted!

  259. Juie says:

    #20 – Target 🙂

  260. Michelle Geissler says:

    I can talk sports with the best of them too! And… I don’t have a favorite color!

  261. Michelle Geissler says:

    I follow your blog! … and love it. 🙂

  262. Michelle Geissler says:

    I LOVE the sweetheart tree necklace!

  263. Jill F says:

    Being the same age, I relate to #21 – I loved Little House on the Prairie, Mister Rogers, The Cosby Show – I also remember The Polka Dot Door and Punky Brewster!

    Happy Birthday!

  264. Jill F says:

    I love everything on Lisa’s website; one of my favorites is the Friendship necklace.

  265. Allyson says:

    I love that bible verse! Kind of my life motto!

  266. Allyson says:

    i like the brave love necklace!

  267. erin woodall says:

    sarcastic humor for sure….and we both have four boys! but mine are not at the same time~ much love and blessings from ga~ erin

  268. Heather says:

    “I’ve never eaten at White Castle”
    But I SO want to some day!! 🙂

  269. Heather says:

    I love the “Marked by Love” necklace!!!

  270. Heather says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

  271. Heather says:

    I’m a subscriber in Google Reader. 🙂

  272. I’ve never really had my grandparents myself, I can relate. Thanks for the giveaway!

  273. I would get the brave love necklace!

  274. I just followed you on twitter and posted a message.

  275. Ingrid says:

    I also thrive on sarcastic humor – happy birthday!!

  276. Laura says:

    I would also marry Target…if it was a person!
    Happy Birthday!

  277. Laura says:

    I would use the gift certificate towards a necklace, but I can’t decide which one because they are all so cute!

  278. Sunnie says:

    I also have a wicked sense of humor! Nice list, it was fun to read.

  279. Sunnie says:

    I like the vintage frames necklaces.

  280. Jennifer Steward says:

    I’m an Indy native too! Gotta love Hoosiers! And, I haven’t dyed my hair either!

  281. I have also never broken a bone.

  282. I am following you on Twitter. : )

  283. Samantha says:

    #7 & #9 – I met my husband when we were 3 (our parents were friends) and we started dating our Senior Year of High School. 🙂

  284. Samantha says:

    I would definitely get her Through My Lens Necklace… I’m always taking pictures and it’s just perfect for me! 🙂

  285. Helicopter G says:

    I really relate to #25since it was anexperience I never thought would make a blog.

  286. Rachel says:

    I have a serious weakness for Target as well. LOVE that place!

  287. Rachel says:

    Lisa has beautiful things. I love the You are Loved necklace!

  288. jeanbieb says:

    I love your list! first let me say that I found you via the twitter feed re:Lisa Leonard. 🙂

    I relate mostly to #21….me too! 🙂

  289. jeanbieb says:

    # 2- I would so love to buy the lantern necklace…I just love it…but then I love all of LIsa’s items

  290. jeanbieb says:

    # 3…did it. 🙂
    #4…did it. 😀
    #5….did that too. 😉

    #6….wait..there is no #6, but would have done that too.

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