Thank You, Farmers!

john deere green 2 

      Thank You, Farmers!

john deere green

We live in the Heartland of America, which means the boys favorite thing to spot out the van window right now is combines!  We’re so thankful for the farmers in our lives, who are working tirelessly to harvest beans and corn right now, particularly Uncle David and Farmer Kevin.  A huge thank you to the farmers who work to provide for our country, and for giving four little boys a “superhero” to look up to!  We’re praying for a safe and plentiful harvest for you all!


3 thoughts on "Thank You, Farmers!"

  1. Miranda says:

    That’s so beautiful to see. My dad is a farmer and I am so proud of his occupation. We recently moved onto some land and I am eagerly awaiting the next harvest season, so my (then) 2-year old will get a combine ride from Grandpa! Thanks so much for posting these pictures… great memories :).

  2. carey says:

    I’m married to a hard working farmer. We live in the south so we’ve been done harvesting for a couple weeks now! Still it means so much when others acknowledge what a tough occupation it can be! Thank u for your prayers!
    Those boys are growing up so much 🙂

  3. We live in a semi-rural area so we see farmers out working at times. The kids love seeing the tractors at work, too! Tractor and Bus are 2 of our littlest ones’ new words!

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