She Pondered Them In Her Heart…


She has carried this secret in her womb for months, by faith risked her own life, obeyed a celestial messenger, and sacrificed much for the sake of this very moment. She has patiently awaited this glorious revelation. Yet instead of shouting from the mountain tops, “I’ve just given birth to the Savior of the world!”, she responds quietly with pure wonder.

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2 thoughts on "She Pondered Them In Her Heart…"

  1. connie says:

    been thinking alot about this, this Christmas. Even facing the circumstances of life changing events, knowing that no one would ever look at her the same, that her own betrothed would question her integrity,
    She sang, ” My soul magnifies the Lord, He has done great things for me.”
    This is my prayer for my heart for 2011.

  2. korigammon says:

    This part of the bible as a whole new meaning for me as a mother, especially to boys, I think. What a sacred honor it is to be a mother to God’s precious children. Mary is a great example of faith and courage and trust in God.

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