Sneaky Husband Post…

Jen and I are both college basketball lovers and even share one common team, her alma mater the Butler Bulldogs.  (Who gave #1 Duke a run for their money today!)

However, we are originally from very different camps.  She is from a Hoosier family (IU), and my family are firmly in the Purdue Boilermaker camp.  We are always lobbying for our boys to become a fan of our teams. 

Today, while Jen was gone, I was able to snap these long awaited shots for my side of the family.  I don’t have any other sets of Purdue outfits for the boys, so I want to thank our friend Emily for these!  Emily, as of this post, our family in Warren and Tippecanoe counties love you!


“Boiler Up!”


Daddy, for the win! 

Love you Jenny!


12 thoughts on "Sneaky Husband Post…"

  1. Ryan Fallon says:

    That was not very nice Brad…….but it is okay…….I will just have to up my cool uncle influence!!! GO IU!!!

  2. Kara says:

    Haha Love it!!!

  3. emily says:

    LOVE this post!! Thanks for the smile!! 😉

  4. Jenny B says:

    BOILER UP!!!:) Don’t know what Jen is thinking with that stink IU??:) Love ya guys!


    Waiting with anticipation of seeing retaliation for this one, Brad!

  6. KS Dallas says:

    You know Jen’s last post had the boys with ribbons in their hair. I think this is only fair turnabout, even though Jen may still feel the need to pay you back nonetheless.

  7. Too cute! But yes, Brad, this is very sneaky! Jen, you have to “get him back.” 😉

  8. RobM says:

    Nice! Way better than IU filth! Go Illini! 😉

  9. Stacey says:

    That’s AWESOME!!!! No debate in our house….BOILER UP!!

  10. Sheryl Stelzer says:

    I got a good chuckle out of this! It kinda reminds me of the ‘gotcha’s’ my brother and sister-in-law are always doing to each other! Having a sense of humor is a blessing from God. I’m sure Jennifer will take it all in stride….and maybe…even ‘getcha’ back one day! LOL!

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