Sponsor Spotlight: Savings Multiplied – Shopping for Multiples Simplified

imageI’m thankful to host a handful of sponsors on 4tunate who support our community.  I like to highlight these individuals and companies to show off their hard work and creative talents!  Today I’m happy to introduce you to Savings Multiplied, a multiples-focused online auction site and community. Their goal is to “make the process for listing, searching, and buying as fast and simple as possible”. Instead of wading through pages on auction sites or stacks of clothing on garage sale tables, sets of clothes are neatly organized and sorted by size, gender, and coordinating and non-coordinating. Brilliant idea! 

I’d love to see a lot of my multiples mamas to get on board so we can swap our gently used clothing online!


Here’s a little more about Savings Multiplied from one of the co-founders, Anne:

1. What prompted you to launch Savings Multiplied? Do you have multiples yourself?

My sister has 3 year old identical twin boys and the concept was all her idea.  She has somewhat of an addiction with buying adorable clothes for the boys and had no easy way with her busy schedule to turn around and sell them to the next family with multiples. She didn’t want to split up the sets!  I had just recently been laid off my website project management job, and with a 2 year old and 5 month old baby at home, it seemed like the perfect time to do my own thing from home instead of trying to find another 8-5pm gig.  Hence, Savings Multiplied was born!

2. What’s the main benefit to using your site versus something like eBay?

We have a really cute logo.  No, really – we think there’s just something special about making sure your multiples’ clothes end up in the hands of another multiples family.  It’s such a strong community with parents bending over backwards to help each other out whenever possible, since they’ve all been in the trenches and know it takes a little (or a lot) of extra work to bring those kiddos up.  Finding the right audience on a huge site like eBay is overwhelming, especially for people shopping for these sorts of items.

3. If you could wave a magic wand and tell every parent of multiples out there just ONE thing about your site, what would it be?

Just like some of the group-buying sites out there, our site works best when more people are participating!  It breaks my heart when I see amazing outfits for sale at an insanely low price yet it receives no bids….people are missing out. I encourage everyone to spread the word and give it a shot.  I know it can seem overwhelming to list, but it takes about 5 minutes to take a picture and fill out the form online. It’s such a great way to pass things on to another family of multiples….and singletons as well, for that matter, since we have plenty of those parents shopping the site!


So I’m curious… For those of you with (or without) multiples, how do you keep up with the constant influx and outflow of clothing.  Do you participate in a yearly consignment sale? Garage sales?  Donate everything?

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5 thoughts on "Sponsor Spotlight: Savings Multiplied – Shopping for Multiples Simplified"

  1. KS Dallas says:

    I was lucky in that my best friend’s daughter was exactly a year and a half older than my daughter. She always passed her clothes down to us. Other than that, I hit garage sales and thrift stores. (My daughter is 15, so the internet was not what it is now.)

  2. joanna says:

    I have a friend expecting her second set of twins (!). I’ll be sure to tell her her about this site!

    I’ve got a singleton, and I’m thankful for all the hand-me-downs and borrowed wardrobes we’ve been given. We’ve barely had to buy anything!

  3. Crystal says:

    I’m a garage sale junkie and shop one year ahead religiously at clearance sales. So, for my son right now, I’m shopping for size 5 winter clothes for next year, and I already have most of his summer stuff ready from garage sales last year. I’ll just supplement from sales this year if I need anything. But I’m sure shopping for multiples is a lot harder, so what a great idea!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I donate EVERYTHING. It is too much work to try to have yard sales. I had one and that was enough. I love the idea of someone getting our clothes that has multiples especially since we have matching boy and matching girl clothes!

  5. Josephine says:

    I {sadly} keep everything from my son (in the hopes of another son!) When our daughter was born I hit panic but was blessed with a friend with a daughter 2 years older & 3 totes of clothes! A few months later my sister had a boy and I’ve shipped my boy clothes her way!
    I’m also a big clearance rack shopper for the size ahead {which is hard for me with infants!} I’m also a big garage sale fan along with great friends for hand me downs! I’m actually heading to a Mothers of Multiples Sale this weekend (but can’t buy those matching outfits – they were designed for multiples!!)

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