The Frantic Fours


It seems like lately I’m behind on EVERYTHING.  Laundry, work commitments, email, cleaning the bathrooms, sorting clothes, meal planning… YOU NAME IT!

It’s been a little “Frantic” around here since the boys turned four.  Yes, they play better than ever.  Yes, they are more independent than ever. Yes, in many ways it’s easier than the early days with quadruplets.

However, their energy level and their volume is BIGGER than ever!  They can go. And go. And go.

If only we could bottle up some of that never-ending supply of energy, right? We’d all be rolling in the money. =)

Here’s a one minute sample of the frantic activity that fills our home on an hourly basis:  (Please excuse the vertical video – still getting used to my phone, but you’ll definitely get the picture.)  

I probably just wore you out from watching!  Naps on me this afternoon! (You’re very welcome.) 



9 thoughts on "The Frantic Fours"

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! I think I might know how you are feeling! My 3, 2, and 1 year old boys run circles around our house for what seems like all day! I wish I had even just half of their energy!

  2. hehe I called your hubby earlier to talk website stuff and I got to hear all the little guys in the background. Mine is 4 and I simply can not imagine him x 4. I keep asking myself if I’m crazy for having another one because I know we’ll go through this age again. Yes, it’s tons of FUN! But, it’s also very trying. :-O You two must be absolute angels to deal with the amount of questions 4 4yr olds could come up with!

  3. Crystal says:

    Ha, that’s hysterical! Thanks for the giggle.

  4. Looks like Pure Joy. Beautifully crazy.

  5. While my 2 boys + 1 girl don’t quite add up to your 4 boys, I can definitely relate! Thank goodness spring is upon us and we can get the kiddos outside more to help get rid of some of that energy (& let the noise out! ha!)

    April is Autism Awareness Month. I’m dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

  6. Lana says:

    Oh my! I wish you good sleeping and much creativity. At least it is getting warmer so you can hopefully let them play outside more. That fresh air should help them wind down at night. I’m an older mom; I’ll be 49 next month, and the girls are 8 & 6! I would send you some energy, but I have very little to spare these days!

    I’m going to be a bit of a rebel and say that it is ok to send them off to a day care once a week if you have a good one close by. It helps you keep your sanity, lets them learn to play nicely with others, and some ME time is not a selfish thing to take for yourself. It’s a lifesaver at times!

  7. Christie says:

    So today is a sad, sad day for me…I found your blog through Amy…or Jill…or Andrea…or Tricia–one of those ladies! I was intrigued by your story, so I’ve been reading from the veeeeeeeeery beginning. And not reading any new posts. This morning, I finally caught up with you–almost a month later! And now I’m bummed that I’m going to have to wait like everyone else for the latest update on your family! I am really not a patient person, so this will be very hard. So get to writing 🙂
    Really though, thanks for sharing your heart and your faith and your love for your husband and sons through this blog!

  8. Holly says:

    Oh wow, I really am tired just from watching. Where does all that energy come from? They are incredible! And awfully cute, too, as always. 🙂

  9. Wow! They are cute.. I love to see and play with them personally.. Quadruplets is a good blessing from God and you must be thankful for that.. You are fortunate enough to have this little cuties.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video and I enjoy watching it!

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