How a Four Year Old Worships God

God continues to teach me a TON through my sons.  Lately, they’ve been so eager to want to pray for others and learn more about Him.  I couldn’t want anything more as a mother than for my boys to love Jesus.

Brad captured this sweet “worship service” that Henry performed without knowing anyone was listening.


A few things I love about this priceless video:

1. I love his sweet spirit in singing his heart out to God, even with his brothers playing in the back ground.  He is in the moment.

2. I love how he pretends to switch settings on the keyboard. (I had no idea he had even noticed anyone ever doing this!)

3. I love his new version of “Blessed Be Your Name” with the lyrics: “Blessed be the Star of the Jesus…Jesus can hear you when you pray. Praise Lord in heaven. And everyone has to forgive our sins.”

Matt Redman, look out!

29 thoughts on "How a Four Year Old Worships God"

  1. joanna says:

    Oh my goodness, that made me tear up. I love the part about “Jesus, in the toy room, where Jesus can hear you when you pray” – He knows Jesus is with him all the time, everywhere! He’s “got it”!

  2. Kami says:

    That is absolutely precious and priceless. He is a good little singer too- loved his lyrics. I’ll have to share it when you post it! Melts a momma’s heart for sure! What a blessing!

  3. Crystal says:

    Ah, I’m sure that made the Father just burst with pride! Love it! My 3-year-old loves to sing worship songs, and unintentionally changes the lyrics. Like, on Rich Mullins, “I Will Follow You All My Days (Step by Step)”, it’s supposed to be, “Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you.” But Jack, in his innocence, loves to belt out, “Oh God, you are my God, and I will NEVER praise you!” 🙂

  4. Tara says:

    That seriously, is one of the sweetest things ever!

  5. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness! How precious! What a great voice Henry has!

  6. Jami says:

    As a kid, we used to sing victory in Jesus at church. The real lyrics are “He loved me
    Ere i knew him And all my love Is due him He plunged me to victory Beneath the
    Cleansing flood” but I always sang it he PUNCHED me to victory! lol The innocence of children is the best!!!

  7. connie ashenfelter says:

    so precious.
    honestly, you can tell hes a natural..he can sing in key ( for a 4 yr old, thats a step ahead!:) and the way he was using his fingers on the keys..have you started basic piano lessons for him? looks to me like you have the next M.W.S. on your hands.:)

  8. Absolutely LOVE this. Better be looking for a piano teacher. 🙂 Might have a future worship leader on your hands.

  9. Debbie in Grayson says:

    That is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long while. It always amazes me how much our little ones hear and retain at church when we don’t even know they are listening. you should be very proud of the job you are doing with your boys.

  10. Trish says:

    This is fantasic! I love to see children worshipping from the heart. My 3.5 year old son also delights in creating songs to worship Jesus. It just warms my soul.

  11. Stephanie says:

    LOVE IT!!! 🙂 What a joyous sound!

  12. Covington Grandma says:

    My Grandma Heart is bursting with pride as I listen to Henry sing praised to the Lord. It brings back precious memories of our Jennifer and Michael singing at that age on the tape recorder with so much love and expression. Everytime the quads sing for me, I thank God for our blessings. Praying that they will continue to sing all of their lives.

  13. Michelle says:

    My heart is bursting with joy watching that video!!! Good job Mom and Dad!

  14. Courtney says:

    Love it! And like someone else said, it’s amazing how much kids pick up that we don’t know- even at such a young age! Heard a man saying the same thing about his 2 yr old grandson in the store today.

  15. Amy says:

    God moment! How cool is that. What a lucky and blessed Mama you are <3

  16. michelle says:

    So sweet and pure! Thanks for sharing this moment and reminder, Jen!

  17. Oh Jenn, THIS…THIS is what it is all about. I can’t imagine how proud The Father was during this moment.

  18. Ashley H. says:

    I’ve read for years but never commented on your blog. I’m breaking my silence to say this video touched my heart. What a sweet, tender spirit you have there. Love it!

  19. Oh my goodness! I love this- the precious heart of a child. I love how he changes the settings and then goes into “Here I am to Worship”. It’s going to be fun to see how God uses him and all your boys! Thanks for sharing this.

  20. I saw your pic over at SITS and had to come check things out! Love that pic, BTW! I have 3 boys; twins + 1. I love that you dress yours alike. I love to do the same though other moms sometimes have crappy comments like, “don’t you think they should try to look different so that people see them as individuals?”

    I say they are just jealous they don’t have a set of their own! LOL My boys like to dress alike, that is what makes them special.
    Congrats on that beautiful bunch 🙂

  21. Allyson says:

    How sweet!! I bet it melts your heart b/c it does mine. Sophia has just started singing back the songs she is learning on the Miss Pattycakes Praise DVD’s! Love those!!! 🙂 I love hearing her sing bible songs ….

  22. Michelle@OurWonderfilledLife says:

    So incredibly sweet, such a moment of His glory and love shining through!!

  23. Dianne Hands says:

    I too had tears in my eyes…Being a mother of 3 grown children, grandmother of 4 beautiful granddughters, daycare momma for 34 years and a toddler (15 months – 3 years) Sunday school teacher..He has got what we try to teach them at a young age so that life won’t be quite as hard when we hit those bumps in the road of life..God is with you all the time and can even hear your prayers in the toy room….GREAT JOB Jen and Brad for taking the time, effort and resposibilty to teach your children about God..

  24. Kate says:

    This is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen!!! GAH! Love that little Henry!

  25. Courtney says:

    I was just looking at my email to see what songs we are playing this week on Praise Team since we have practice tonight and we are doing “Blessed Be Your Name”. I immediately thought of this video and had to watch it again! 🙂

  26. laura says:

    What a sweet, tender spirit you have there.

  27. teresa says:

    thanks henry for leading us in pure worship.

  28. Chris says:

    I can totally identify with how proud you are. I have a three year old son, and the worship that comes out of him simply amazes me. God has truly blessed us.

  29. Kim says:

    isn’t he the sweetest thing? no wonder why you are so proud of him 🙂

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