A Last Letter to Summer

End of the summer collage 1end of summer collage 2

Dearest Summer,

We are getting every last drip out of you.

The warm sunshine you offer will soon fade into cloudy frigid days, and we’re bound and determined to enjoy you for all you are worth! 

Unplanned trips to the zoo and splash park – you betcha!

Returning to the Indiana State Fair for one last go – indeed!

Picking the park over a movie inside – absolutely!

We’re not ready for your BFF Fall to come visit yet, so just linger on as long as you please!  PLEASE!

Fondly Yours,

Four Active Little Boys, Their Newly Healthy Mama, and Their Overjoyed Daddy

4 thoughts on "A Last Letter to Summer"

  1. This is funny, because in Florida, I’m begging summer to PLEASE leave and fall to come on!!! 😀

  2. Asia says:

    I love LOVE the Summer and don’t want it to go just yet

  3. Amen! My summer sadly came to an end today – I go back to work tomorrow. I still have a few days this week and next before FULL time school sets in, but back to work means summer’s done! 🙁

    We’ve tried to squeeze so much stuff in these past few weeks when I realized how little time we had left. Its been fun though!!!

    LOVE the “newly healthy Mama!” line!!! yeah!!! So glad you’re feeling better!!~

  4. Michelle@OurWonderfilledLife says:

    Praise God, so glad you’re back to you Jen!!! 😉

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