Seasons of Love

eagle creek resevoir fall trees scenery

Fall is overrated in my book.  I have this intense love for summer, and I hate to see it go so much, that I forget the loveliness of fall that follows each year. 

The brilliant trees, the brisk air, the comfort foods, the traditions….

visiting pumpkin patch with kids picking pumpkins 

The simple pleasures that come on fall days…

indianapolis pick your own pumpkin patch

Being submersed in God’s amazing creation…

indiana fall trees changing color

Taking in the beauty of change…

eagle creek in the fall   

And surrounded by those I love the most…

100 acres exploring with kids

In this Season of Love.

5 thoughts on "Seasons of Love"

  1. Kelly says:

    I am THE SAME way. Except leaves don’t really change much here and when they do they go from green to dead brown. 🙂

  2. Rachel Leigh says:

    It was great meeting your family this morning… the way you and Brad so evidently love each other and your boys is BEAUTIFUL. You lit up the place! Thanks for being willing to shine with everything Jesus has given you! 😀

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Rachel, thank you for your sweet encouragement! We really enjoyed meeting you and hope to work with you further!

  3. Nikea says:

    A really amazing shot you have here.. Thanks for posting!

  4. Berna says:

    I like that photo and the words “IN this season of love”. It reminds me something. Thanks for posting.

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