The Whirlpool Duet: It Cleans Tough Stains and iPhones Too

This week, I was doing some last minute laundry as I was packing for an upcoming trip.  I’m an obsessive pocket checker.  I check pockets when I throw clothes in the laundry, and then again when I sort into piles.

I was wearing some jeans that I wanted to wear on my trip, so I changed into another pair and left my jeans sitting next to the mound of dirty clothes.  Well in the hurry of packing, doing laundry, and being distracted as a mother (imagine that, right?), I managed to wash my jeans without checking my pockets.

Not my smoothest move.

Next thing I know, my Whirlpool Duet Washer is singing it’s little tune to let me know it’s ready to be switched into the dryer, and as I’m putting dinner in the oven I hear Brad exclaim, “OH NO!”.

Me: WHAT???!!!!

Brad: Jen, you WASHED your phone.

{Insert disbelief, denial, remorse, acceptance – and anything else I left out in the 10 step grieving process}

We thought it was toast forever, but after heeding many friends advice along with the Apple customer support, we left it in rice for 2 days.  Surprisingly, and some what miraculously, it’s ALIVE after an entire 56 wash cycle. 

So not only does the Whirlpool Duet wash clothes, remove stains, and keep my colors bright – it makes iPhones squeaky clean as well! In all seriousness, my laundry routine has become so laid back and maintenance free that I literally just throw it in. (I don’t even use fabric softener any longer.) If I would have been spending time stain treating, I would have caught the iPhone bulging out of the pocket.  However, the Whirlpool Duets make laundry so carefree, that I completely missed it.  My laundry has never been so mindless…however, I think I’ll need to put a little brain back in re-checking pockets. =) 

whirlpool duet

So tell me I’m not the only one.. What’s the craziest, most scary, or messiest thing you’ve ever washed?

(In case it needs repeating, I wrote this review while participating in a test-drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Whirlpool and received a complimentary Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer to facilitate my review. Whoohoo!)

10 thoughts on "The Whirlpool Duet: It Cleans Tough Stains and iPhones Too"

  1. joanna says:

    I washed my iPod Touch not long after getting it. Because these HE washers use less water, our electronics may have fared better than they would have otherwise! (My iPod Touch works now, with the exception of the power button and the front camera)

  2. Jackie says:

    Yep, I sent my phone through the washing machine a few months back. I wasn’t so lucky though and the rice trick didn’t work. I did however get a brand new sparkly iphone out of the deal- I just had an old non-smart phone before that! Glad you were able to salvage yours!

  3. I washed an “ugly sweater” that was bright red with a bunch of our normal everyday clothes.

    Horrible, bad, seriously unfortunate idea.

  4. patti says:

    two things: is that test-drive campaign still going on?! that is amazing!
    also~ we’re doing a giveaway on my blog for three autographed copies of One Thousand Gifts in case you’d like to enter:) One of my readers is very good friends with Ann Voskamp. (because I just noticed her book on your sidebar!)
    Have a great night!

  5. Kaia says:

    Diapers are the WORST thing I’ve ever seen washed.. not cloth of course. The gel beads get everywhere and it seems almost impossible to clean up!

  6. Lana says:

    Has to be an ink pen. Not only did it ruin the clothes that were in the washer, I didn’t catch it until I took the load out of the drier SOOOOO my drier tub was also covered in blue ink! UGH! Took a long time for me to feel safe about putting clothes in there without the worry of something coming out with blue on it! UHG!

  7. I still cringe when I think about the red and blue crayons that went through not one, but TWO loads of clothes. They were in my son’s pocket, so they got washed with the colors first and then went into the dryer. Of course, they fell out of the pocket in the dryer, so when I threw in the whites…there they went again. Had I folded the colored clothes immediately, I might have noticed. But lo, I did not. After talking to the the helpful people at Tide and Crayola, I did manage to save the most important pieces.

  8. brittany says:

    I washed and dried a brown crayon with a load of whites. Not pretty with brown stains on all the white underwear, undershirts, socks, etc. It was awful.

  9. Diapers are crappy, but the scariest most awful thing I sent through the laundry was when I washed a jacket my sister got in Greece for my 6 month old (at the time) son. She told me this story of meeting the little old Grecian grandma who made jackets, and how she met the sheep who provided the wool were in the backyard. But the jacket stank…like smoke and sheep. I threw it in my son’s laundry. I had been washing so many kids clothes, and had so many sleepless nights, I didn’t even remember that you don’t wash and dry Wool. Found out why. I completely ruined it. I was more afraid of having to tell my sister, than of anything.

  10. I’ve washed lots of messy things that aren’t supposed to be washed, but the most surprising mess was a board book. That thing disintegrated into a million pieces! Ugh. (And, really. HOW did that get into my washer???)

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