8 Tips for Decorating the Christmas Tree with Little Ones

Decorating the tree with kids isn’t always picture perfect, but it should be enjoyable and memorable.  Fighting the urge for perfection and the stress of the task of trimming the tree, can be a tall task, but I think these tips should make your decorating merry and light!

tips for decorating the tree with kids

1. Soak Up Their Excitement.  Their enthusiasm is priceless and should be contagious.  Our boys were telling everyone they ran into Sunday morning that we would be putting up the tree that afternoon.

2. Celebrate the Imperfections.  The boys’ first couple of year’s there were no ornaments on the bottom of our tree, because they couldn’t leave them alone.  Fight the urge to have everything picture perfect, and enjoy the moment of having little ones to decorate the tree.

3. Set Boundaries. For little ones it may be touching the ornaments using the “one finger” rule, or it may be “hands off”, or perhaps you’ll go for the gate around the Christmas tree look. Do what works best for your family, and remember that these safeguards are only temporary.

baby gate around christmas tree

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4. Make It Meaningful. Begin family traditions early and instill meaningful elements to decking the halls. The Jesse Tree is a great way to bring meaning into the Advent season. {And it’s a free download!}


Image: Ann Voskamp

5. Make It Festive.  Turn on Pandora or put on your favorite go-to Christmas CD and put a little jingle into the task. Pop popcorn or make a fun snack to munch on while you work together.

6. Sometimes the Box Is The Best Part. Our boys were entertained for most of the night with this cardboard box.  It’s the simple things, right?

playing in the Christmas tree box

7. Take Pictures and Video to Capture the Moment. They’re only little for so long, right?  Gotta remember to capture it!  

8. Turn Off the Lights. There’s no better way to admire your work as a family than to turn off the lights and enjoy the glow of the Christmas tree together – pure magic!

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6 thoughts on "8 Tips for Decorating the Christmas Tree with Little Ones"

  1. I love this post. Giving up the perfectionism and enjoying the moment is the best way to go! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Love ya!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Back at ya, Denise!

  2. This year we let the kids put all the ornaments on themselves w/o any help from us. I handed them out so each kid got “their” ornaments but they each put them where they wanted. I loved it when they were done and I found 2 branches that had about 8 ornaments each that my 2 year old had so dutifully placed together. I did even them out a little bit and hung the special glass bulbs up high myself but i loved what they made of it!!!

    We also have our tree in a new spot this winter after remodeling our living room this summer. I love that it sits in the corner now and reflects the light off the new paint – just beautiful!!!

  3. Libby says:

    Total bedlam is the usual way in our house! You look like you certainly have your hands full!

  4. Jen U says:

    I see this is from last year, but hopefully you’ll still get notified of / see new comments! I’m just wondering where, oh where, did you get the baby gate?? I must be looking in the wrong place but I just cannot find one. And do I ever need one with my exuberantly curious little boy! 🙂

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