I Can’t Even Blame the Halloween Candy…

You asked what happened to the balloons after our “Fruit of the Womb” costume disrobing….

Surprisingly, we only lost one lone balloon during our neighborhood Trick or Treating, and transporting it to a few stops.  It was pretty funny to watch them just bounce off the ground when they tripped.  Those Hobby Lobby party balloons proved to be pretty resilient.

However, I happen to have your answer to what happened to the balloons after all was said and done on video…


They obviously have no need for the overflowing bowl of Halloween candy.  Their energy knows no end…if only I had a tenth of it!  Anyone need some Starburst?  Twix? Skittles?  Pick your favorite….

halloween candy stash

Take it. PLEASE!

All of it. NOW!

What are YOU doing with your Halloween candy leftovers?


11 thoughts on "I Can’t Even Blame the Halloween Candy…"

  1. We have a program at work where we adopt soliders every month and send them care packages. We ask that everyone bring in their left over candy and we then include it in the boxes and send it to our soliders overseas. Sherri

  2. AmazingGreis says:

    I’ll take the M&M’s please!!

  3. emily says:

    m&m’s will freeze, so if you want to save some yummy goodness for later in the year you could bundle all them up and stick them in your freezer. then, come march when spring fever is at its worst and you all just need some ‘cheer-up’ chocolate, you’ve got it 😉 (or use it to make fun ice cream sundaes)

  4. Melissa says:

    You can bring your left over candy in to Noodles and Company on Sunday and get a free small bowl of noodles. I bet you could divide yours up and bring in 4 buckets of candy and get 4 bowls!

  5. Kaia says:

    We don’t celebrate Halloween so don’t have leftover candy but I’d help you take care of yours! 😉

  6. Anne says:

    We found a buy back program we love, where certain dentist offices pay kids money for their candy based on weight (usually $1 per lb). They then ship it overseas to troops through “Operation Gratitude.” The offices we’ve been to also have supplies for the kids to make cards to send with their candy – so cute! You can find out more at http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com The only drawback is that most offices only offer this on Nov. 1 – so you have to sort quickly!

  7. Megan says:

    You could always save some of it and make gingerbread houses and decorate it with your Halloween candy.

  8. Holly says:

    I saw online a cake recipe with candy bits… except then you have cake AND candy, which is no better! We send a lot of our candy to soldiers, too (anysoldier.org), or else bring it to work. I love the other commenters’ ideas of freezing the candy for gingerbread houses or for the January doldrums. Otherwise, do you know of any organizations where people are working hard without much appreciation? Postal workers, food bank volunteers, church quilting ladies, habitat for humanity builders, etc.? Sometimes it’s fun to drop by with a bowl of goodies and a big Thank You.

  9. donna says:

    bagging it and putting in my shoe boxes for samaritan’s purse Christmas boxes.

  10. Amanda (4andNoMore) says:

    Jen, My kids loved watching the video. I always look forward to seeing what creative costumes you have picked!

  11. sandraw2580 says:

    I really love the video!! And as fr the candies, you can give them to charity or just save it for later! I would love to get one if I could! Wish the internet can let you grab everything! haha!

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