This Vapor That We Call Life.

(Written by: Brad)

Routine. Repetitive. Unremarkable. Unmemorable. Ordinary.

What words would you tend to use when describing the day you are about to begin? Do these words describe most of your days?

I woke up early this morning and it started like any other day. Shower, get dressed, pray, and going to the Word of God for study. I am generally very happy with my life, my family, my career, and most other aspects of my existence. However, I recognized this morning that I have again slipped into a state of mind that does not produce good fruit in my life. I have begun to live my life as though I am in control, and as though I will never die.

I am 30 years old, soon to be 31. My children are already 4 going on 5 and I feel like they were literally born about 2 years ago. It is slipping by so quickly. The Bible describes this life as “a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” (James 4:14) (NASB) THIS LIFE IS SHORT, WHAT AM I DOING TAKING ANYTHING FOR GRANTED?!?

Everyday of life that God gives to us is a grand gift. A TEMPORARY gift that must not be taken for granted.

Every time I get to embrace my wife, kiss my children, eat a meal with my family, wake up in a warm home, feel the crisp clean fall air, watch my children play, and enjoy every other blessing in this life, I should give thanks. But you know what? Every time I change a load of laundry, soak up another spilled glass of milk, clean the toilets, and mow the grass, I should thank God for the gift of nice clothes, food to feed my family, plumbing for a comfortable life, and a home with a yard.

Why don’t I think this way? Nearly everything in this life is a blessing if we choose to recognize that although we have done nothing to deserve any of it, God has chosen to bless us with life.

I jumped over to my favorite Bible reference site after praying about this topic, and in the sovereignty of God, this set of videos were on their blog. A couple years ago, Zack didn’t know cancer was about to rock his world. His wife didn’t know she might soon be a single mom.

The Story of Zac Smith

Then watch this:

A Story | Tears of Hope from Adam Kring on Vimeo.

We have personal friends who have gone though something similar, and yet I still allow some of my days to be ordinary and without purpose? I really want to strive today to make the most of every moment. I still have to work today, but I am going to work with a thankful heart and a smile on my face. There are many routine tasks to complete, but I will strive to complete those tasks with joy. I don’t know whether God will graciously give another day to enjoy them.


6 thoughts on "This Vapor That We Call Life."

  1. Crystal says:

    Totally hear you, and thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I find myself in the same state of mind too often. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lynnette says:

    Thanks for the important reminder. We serve such a generous and gracious God that

  4. edmond0925 says:

    That was one powerful video. And I totally hear you, keep your chin up! We will always have someone to cheer us up! Family!

  5. Holly says:

    Thanks for this post, Brad. I’m hugging my family a little tighter tonight.

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