The First Christmas Tree


Our first Christmas was spent in a cozy 2 bedroom duplex. We didn’t really have space for a tree, but we made it work with a little four foot tree that we grew to love. It wasn’t anything grand or exquisite, but It was ours to make our first memories.

The little tree had been replaced over the years by a hand-me-down tree, a skinny tree, and now a 9 foot after-Christmas bargain tree.

We unpacked the little tree this year and put it upstairs for the boys to enjoy. Colored lights by request, leftover ornaments hung completely on their own, complete with popcorn garland make this tree so lovable once again.

I love you, Little Tree. I love your simplicity. I love your imperfections. I love your memories. I love your homemadeness. But most of all I love how when we light you up, four little boys light up almost as brightly as you do!

One thought on "The First Christmas Tree"

  1. Jamie says:

    Such a beautiful story… for so many reasons. I wish we had kept our first one, but it had lights on it and it became a fire hazard unfortunately. Merry holidays!

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