Alive, Alive, Alive Forever More!

easter family picture

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and our church. We went to an annual Pancake Breakfast at The Beef House on Friday and spent time with my family, then attended a “Secret Church” simulcast with David Platt on suffering Friday night at our church. Sunday we headed to the early service, a breakfast with our church family, and then our Easter service with Brad’s family.  We enjoyed a meal with them, and then even enjoyed an afternoon date to the Indianapolis Art Museum Gardens. We ended our full weekend with a flashlight egg hunt with our next door neighbors.

I hope you had a great time celebrating the miracle of Easter with your family as well!  Every Easter means more to me, and leaves me even more grateful for the cross and the resurrection.

The boys sang at our service Sunday, and I thought you might want to see it  -Especially family who couldn’t make it! {Due to copyrights you may need to click on the title to view it on YouTube. }


How did you spend YOUR Easter weekend?

5 thoughts on "Alive, Alive, Alive Forever More!"

  1. Love the video of the boys. Oh, I love the Beef House we always stop there when we go to Indy for Drag Races in Sept. Oh, and we have the post for the Hound Easter Egg hunt up and our newest addition Bella had a fashion show with all her new dresses. She will begin going to nursing home this Thursday night to visit all the people there. Have a great day! Sherri

  2. It is so exciting to see all 7 grandsons singing for Jesus. I am so thankful that
    they have been taught what Easter is all about. Our prayer is that they will continue to love Him and want to serve Him as they grow up. Love, Grandma

  3. That was Beautiful, what a Joyful children’s performance! We spent our Easter at home, going to church, I was Blessed to sing with our choir for Services this year, having had strep a couple times, and not regaining my voice until Maundy Thursday. See, God is Good. Then I spent the day split between my children’s grandparents, which was exactly what we all needed. And it was Good.

  4. Nicole says:

    You are so blessed with those 4 precious boys!

  5. Lana says:

    Missed you at The Beef House by a day! Family and church with a little egg hunting thrown in for fun. Hippity hoppity Happy Easter Day!

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