Four Future IU Candy Stripers?

iu uniforms candy stripes and logo

Kentucky Wildcats are partying as National Champions, but IU Basketball is in my blood.  I grew up watching the candy striped warm-up pants on our Zenith color television waving my pom poms in front of the screen (much to my dad and brothers’ annoyance), and reciting player names since I could talk.

center court indiana basketball photo

This weekend our family found ourselves in the right place at the right time, and we were able to experience Assembly Hall in rare form – empty and in giant play ground for our little NCAA hopefuls. πŸ˜‰

shooting warm ups indiana basketball 

Although we live in a house divided:  3 for Purdue (Brad, Henry, and Isaac) and 3 for IU (me, Clark, and Brooks), everyone was enthusiastic about being courtside and shooting some hoops in this historic arena. (We ALL agree on cheering for Butler!)

iu dunk basketball

They were putting on a dunking clinic, Cody Zeller style.

playing at indiana assembly hall

Can you envision the striped shirts being replaced with striped pants and warm up shirts in about 13 years? 

group picture indiana assembly hall center court

What team have YOU grown up cheering for?

13 thoughts on "Four Future IU Candy Stripers?"

  1. Aaryn says:

    When I saw your post title on the blogroll I knew I had to read/post! I also was raised a Hoosier!!! Almost entire family from IN, but I was born a buckeye-great rivalry πŸ˜‰ one of my favorite places to visit is Bloomington, sad I never got to see a game with bob knight as coach…and I always drool over those candy striped pants!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers! =)

  2. Chelsa says:

    My parents had season tickets when I was little so I LOVE IU bball too πŸ™‚ My oldest is 7 and is obsessed with the games and gets mad when we make him go to bed before they are over when it’s bedtime! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Love the Zeller’s πŸ™‚ They are family friends.

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Our boys (especially Isaac) hate going to bed while the games are on – they were so late this year! They have us DVR them and not tell them the score the next morning while they watch it over breakfast!

      Also, do you know how AWESOME it is to “know” someone who knows the Zeller’s? Tell them that our boys think the world of Cody! =)

  3. Crystal says:

    Ah — so cute! I’m a diedhard University of Oregon fan. I bleed green and yellow and am a duck through and through! Fun trivia about the U of O: we are the only college in America to have a Disney character as our mascot. πŸ™‚ P.S. Would you like to arrange a phone interview soon?

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Go Ducks! And yes, absolutely! Does next week look good for you?

      1. Crystal says:

        How does next Monday or Wednesday look for you? I’m in Pacific time, and my youngest’s naptimes (around 10:30-12:30 my time) usually work best for interviews, but I can fit my schedule around yours.

  4. Sonya says:

    My mother is a huge Indiana fan. She was cheering for Ohio State because she said it would feel like Indiana won because Indiana beat them during the regular season! HA!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Yeah, I guess in that way it’s good that Kentucky won since we were defeated by them in the tournament. That counts as honorary 2nd, right?

  5. Charmaine says:

    I don’t shop at candy stores, but an idea could be popcorn. You could sell different and special types of popcorn that you won’t be able to find in other areas.

  6. Liz says:

    The four guys are look handsome. Looking forward for the next Michael Jordan.

  7. Ree says:

    I love reading about your adventures especially in Indy. Husband and I went to Butler but still…Indiana Basketball!! Makes me miss Indy!

  8. Carla says:

    I say Boiler Up.

    Seriously though, you got some wonderful pictures and I am sure your kids will always remember this trip. I still remember my first trip to Mackey Arena on Ourdue Campus.

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