I Would Run 13.1 Miles, And I Would Run 13.1 More

Brad completed his 3rd mini marathon (13.1 miles) over the weekend and we were there to cheer him on the sidelines.

indy mini marathon spectators 2012

It was such a sweet moment finding him among the thousands of runners and seeing the boys faces and his face light up.  It was a great emotional and mental encouragement to him at the 6 mile mark.

 indy mini marathon medal 2012

We’re so proud of you, Babes. Running for two hours is no small feat. This is only one of many things that you continue to push through and accomplish.

We continue to root you on in all you do!

LOVE Your Five Biggest Fans

4 thoughts on "I Would Run 13.1 Miles, And I Would Run 13.1 More"

  1. Grady Pruitt says:

    Congrats on the mini-marathon! I’ve often thought of trying one, but haven’t tried to do it.

  2. Crystal says:

    Good job, Brad! I’m also a runner; I have 3 halfs and 2 wholes down and dozens of shorter races to my name. It’s such a great feeling having people on the sidelines cheering for you, so I know you guys helped him out a lot! Way to be a good support system.

  3. Congrats to Brad! I’m a relatively new runner (within the last year) but have big goals. our city puts on a huge 10-mile race every August and that’s my goal. I’ve made it 5 miles so far and need to keep going to reach my goal. If I can survive that, my next goal will be a 1/2 marathon! (Maybe the Disney Princess one! Fun, huh?)

    1. Amy says:

      Oh – the Disne Princess was my first half and it was SO MUCH FUN! Great one for first-timers!

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