Best Outdoor Toys for Summer Fun

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The warm days of summer are here and best to be enjoyed outdoors in the sand, sun, shade, or pool!

Here Are 8 of Our Favorite Outdoor Toys for Summertime Fun:

1. Foam Water Blaster So much better than water guns, and great for the pool or a hot day in the yard! (We found ours in the dollar spot at Target!)

2. Sidewalk ChalkCreativity belongs outdoors too!  Even the grownups love sidewalk chalk!

3. Puddle Jumper Floats Although technically not a toy, it’s a means to pool fun and safety, so I included them.  We constantly get asked about these, and although our boys are swimming great without floats this year, we still have these on hand for the beach or lake days.

4. Ladder Ball Although adults may enjoy it more competitively, our boys love to play this fun yard game.  It’s simple enough for them to get the hang of, and it disassembles so it’s easy to store.

5. Toypedo Missiles It’s the prized pool toy at our house.  These are great fun to dive for, or to watch move through the water.

6. Bat and Ball Set The backyard baseball games are in full “swing”.

7. Bug Catcher Container Have I mentioned how critter crazy these boys are?  The bug catcher goes with us on each adventure and has been used for watching spiders, dragonflies, lightning bugs, crickets, and other crawlers. It stays OUTSIDE! =)

8. Sand Castle Beach Toys We’re far from the ocean, but that won’t keep us from playing in the sand this summer at a lake or two! I’m on a mission to find a few buckets and molds for an epic sandcastle this summer!

What are YOUR Kid’s Favorite Outdoor Toys for Summer Fun?


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5 thoughts on "Best Outdoor Toys for Summer Fun"

  1. ashley says:

    Despite having our own beautiful inground swimming pool, the kids just LOVE to play in our lawn sprinkler or on the slip N slide!

    They also love playing on the deck with their water/sand table. Hours of fun for them!

  2. Cindy says:

    Another option for the bug carrier is empty parmesan cheese containers or empty spice jars – remove the label, wash up and the perfect container for all kinds of creatures! I run a daycare and we have several of these that we use daily along with butterfly nets that I bought at the Dollar Tree store.

  3. Shannon says:

    Jackson loves his slip n slide and te sprinkler.

  4. We love our puddle jumpers, too! I was debating about whether to buy something like those water blasters…I’m sure my kids would love them, too! With our two playing tball again this summer, a bat, ball and gloves have been popular in our backyard, too!

    We just got a slip n slide for home and ‘noodles’ for Grandma’s pool. Simple fun summer toys!

  5. Laura says:

    Our kids go for anything that combines their love of gadgets with the fact that I drag them out hiking all the time…kid binoculars, compasses, canteens, hiking vests or shorts with lots of pockets for treasures. And the foam water blasters are a must around here. In fact, I need to go back and get one for me…

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