Happy Forja Fileye And Other Quadisms…

fourth of july parade brownsburg indiana

Although there are fewer “Quadisms” than there used to be, they still continue to crack us up.  Perhaps they are even more hilarious because they have the confidence of a five year old that they are absolutely right. {Parents are always wrong – go figure!} 

Yesterday, Henry was convinced that the holiday was called “Forja Fileye” instead of the Fourth of July.

They borrowed a movie from their best friend at church that they were all just sure was called, “Heiner Drainer Dragon”. Apparently, it’s the German version of the popular movie How to Train Your Dragon . 😉

And Brooks wanted to ride on the “American-Go-Round” this week at the carnival.

I’m gonna miss these Quadisms some day…

Hope you had a wonderful holiday – it was sure a sweaty one, but a great one!  Ours was pretty low-key – a morning parade with friends, afternoon dip in the pool, and fireworks at the only display in the county due to the drought.  So thankful for our freedoms and those who have sacrificed so much for the love of this great nation!

4 thoughts on "Happy Forja Fileye And Other Quadisms…"

  1. MollyH says:

    My favorite ‘toddlerism’ that happened just this morning….”llama llama went to jama”. Apparently that’s his favorite book ‘llama llama red pajama’. Even though the whole story is about going to bed, apparently this little llama ‘went to jama’

  2. Beth says:

    Love toddler speak!

    I just had a new gem from my Izzie. She usually speaks quite well, so I was surprised to hear her telling her father about us going to the ‘pasta bowl.’ It took me a minute to figure out she was saying ‘hospital.’ I love it so much, I can’t bring myself to correct her, even though my husband teases me she will never have a career in medicine just because I think her mispronunciation is sweet 😉

  3. Crystal says:

    Love it! We had a perfect day too — 75 degrees (finally!), ran America’s 2nd-largest Independence Day 10k in the morning, then parade, games in the park, BBQ at my parents’, softball game in the cow pasture and fireworks to wrap it up. One of the best days of the year!

  4. My kids still call the Teeter Totter the “Tooder Totty!” ha! Love those funny lil expressions that they can’t quite figure out. 🙂

    We had a great day here, too..it was a HOT one here in MI…ran my first 10K in the morning in some serious heat. 81 when we started at 8am, 86 at the 9:15 finish! ugh! My daughter then ran the 2K at 11 when the temp was just about 90!

    Thankfully my MIL has a pool and lived very close by so we went right from the run to the pool for a few hours, came home for a nap and then ventured to the fireworks with some friends. Great day! Esp the kids’ first exposure to trying to catch Lightning Bugs! 🙂 Simple joys!

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