Kids. Keeping Us Humble Since 2007.

Kids certainly have a way of keeping you grounded,  don’t they?  They serve up humble pie  with a side of honesty and embarrassment almost daily.

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Today’s Character: Clark Murray – sense of humor beyond his years, affectionate, talker, easy going

Setting: Local Crowded Pancake Joint

Scene: While waiting for a table of six to be readied, Clark sits on my lap, and we talk about the day. He stops mid-conversation and sweetly studies my face. Thinking he’s in love with me, and getting ready to say something profoundly affectionate, I smile at him tenderly.


Clark: “Mama?”

Me: “Yes, Sweetie?”

Clark: “Why do you always have a little ball hanging from the hair in your nose?”

And that’s how we stay humble around here folks!

Kids. Keeping us humble since 2007.

9 thoughts on "Kids. Keeping Us Humble Since 2007."

  1. Suzy says:

    ROTFLMHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Awesome, AWESOME.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the laugh – that is priceless…….

  3. teresa says:

    yes they do …. and will!!!!!

  4. bwahahaha! The other night, my son poked my breast and said “What’s that and why is it so fat!?!?”

    I was just relieved he was calling my chest fat and not my belly! ha!

  5. Oh I so have a child like this! One time it was “mommy why are you growing a mustache” which is when I began waxing my upper lip regularly. Then a few years back it was “mom, if you stopped painting ceilings at the new house a while ago why is your hair still white” which lead me to began dying my black locks. Then there was an incident with a new style of skirt that got “mommy are we going to have a baby!” let me tell you that skirt never came off quicker and headed to the thrift store at rapid speed! KIDS got to love them, they are your best beauty consultant!

  6. Oh. My. Word. That’s a riot! LOL! Wait until the day after he goes on his first date and then ask him that same question. Hehe! 🙂

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