kids riding bikes with training wheels and helmets

Where do we ride from here?

There are so many pot holes and roots in the sidewalk to avoid crashing into on this journey as parents, aren’t there?  I am really amazed at how well things have gone so far in spite of my very apparent sin and failures as a parent.  God has been gracious in spite of my failings. He is always good.  Whether I see it or not, act like it or not, God is always good.

Do you ever remember getting your loose shoestrings wrapped around your pedal as a kid?  The first time, it was very scary, and it caused a major crash for me.  The second time it happened, I remember just being angry.  I knew better than to ride with my shoes untied, but I did it anyway!  I do the same thing as a parent when I keep making the same mistakes…

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One thought on "Pedaling."

  1. Kathy says:

    You make me proud.

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