Why the Outdoors Wins Over Laundry

why the outdoors wins over laundry

I should be used to this cycle by now. 

  • The laundry that wrinkles waiting to be folded.
  • The laundry that sits folded in baskets begging to be put away.
  • The baskets that are filled before I can say “Uncle”.

Never caught up. Never finished. Never checked off my list.

I’m sure it could get done if I tried harder. If I stayed inside more…

But something beckons me elsewhere.

indiana farmland sunset

I have to witness another sunset. I need to see the fog lifting off the fields in the morning. I must abandon an early bedtime, so the boys can suck the life out of the last bit of sunshine. 

indiana wildflowers summer.jpg

These days of fresh air -they force me to slow down. They mask the chaos with steadiness. They help me to reflect, to acknowledge my Creator, to listen.

enjoying the outdoors with boys.jpg

What could possibly compete with boys fishing with their daddy, or the bursting color of an Indiana sunset, or watching a deer graze in the late evening?

sunset at eagle creek park indianapolis in

Certainly not my laundry basket.

2 thoughts on "Why the Outdoors Wins Over Laundry"

  1. First off, amazing photos, Jen! Love the sunset and the flowers in front of the barn.

    I’m with you…I would love to hold on to those fleeting summer moments. I went back to work this week and I’m struggling with (1) having to wake the kids up so early and stressing about bedtime again and (2) having fewer opportunities to just enjoy the moment and forget about the clock…I hate rushing out the door in the morning and i have the rush for bedtime. Gosh, I already miss summer and school hasn’t even officially started.

    Enjoy those moments while you still can!

  2. Love this. It is so true. There is always laundry but those last moments of summer will not last forever. I remind myself over and over again when I find myself caught up in my to do’s with kids at my heels wanting to play, “what do I remember about my mom now that she is gone” what I remember is the little moments. The quick trips to the beach, when she could have been cleaning. The snuggles on the couch when she could have been working on her art work. The last minute trips for ice-cream when she could have been weeding our large garden. Childhood and summer, don’t last forever, but little memories do.

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