Why We Are Choosing To Become “Crazy Quad Homeschoolers”

I guess it’s time to answer the anticipated “What Are You Doing for Kindergarten?”  Our local schools returned to a new school year last Thursday, but we weren’t quite ready just yet. We haven’t exactly {ever} been traditional, and this school thing isn’t going to be the exception.

why to homeschool kindergarten    

It’s an individual family decision.  We aren’t doing this out of disgust for the public system.  We aren’t motivated to make our kids the smartest, or the most independent, the most sheltered, or the weirdest. This isn’t a permanent education decision for our family. It’s simply what works for us in the now.

For a variety of reasons, we are choosing a home-based/and part-time tutorage program for this year.  Will we be life-long homeschoolers? Never say never….but highly highly doubtful.

There are multiple reasons that we’ve chosen this for our family this year, and I’m sure you will all agree with me that parents know their own children best, and that we made this decision with their best in mind.

kindergarten homeschool activities and ideas

A few that we are willing to share with you include:

  • It works with our at home schedules.  With Brad and I both working from home, our schedules remain more flexible, and this works well with home-based learning.


  • We aren’t in love with the all-day, full-day only option for public kindergarten education. It might be optimal for most families, but we didn’t feel like it would be a good fit for our boys this year.


  • A door {make that four} opened that we thought was firmly closed for the part-time tutorage program.  Our boys will be enrolled in a kindergarten class that will cover subjects that will enrich their studies at home, as well as allow them to socialize with others their age, and receive instruction from adults who aren’t their parents.

why we chose to homeschool our kindergarteners

  • We are always up for a new adventure and challenge. Easy street isn’t a path we’ve worn down, so we’ll embrace this new adventure in stride. It’s going to take patience, time, and an extra measure of grace, but we’re excited with the possibilities.


  • The decision of separating them into twos or four separate classes can be put on the back burner for another year.  It’s a tricky decision unique to parents of multiples, and there’s no easy decision. It’s one I still dread making in the future.


  • We have a unique opportunity within our family to parent and teach a small “class” of boys through hands on learning and more individual instruction. We’re hoping that this year will give them an opportunity to thrive as individual learners, and unify them more as brothers.

hands on learning for kindergarten homeschooling

Is this what we think is right for every family? Nope.

Are there other unlisted factors that led us to our decision? Indeed.

Is it what we plan to do permanently? Uh-uh.

Are we/will we face criticism for it? You betcha.

Is it going to be overwhelming at times? Most definitely.

Are we going to make the best of this school year and this opportunity? YEPS!

teaching kindergarten at home

{I hope I’ve communicated our decision in a most respectful way.  Schooling is a very weighty and emotion-filled topic. It’s an individual decision for families, and we would appreciate your support and prayers as we continue to seek wisdom from above for parenting our four.}