Finding Rest in the Motherhood Mayhem

finding rest in motherhood

Today is back to reality after a handful of days at the beach, and a couple of days of some truth-filled teaching.  My soul feels more at rest than it has in quite some time. It was so so good y’all.  And this weekend’s instruction reinforced a message that I needed to digest.

“Rest is a special, sacred gift.” {Jen Hatmaker}

“God provides what we need. He gives us doable daily increments. He sustains us in daily labor.” {Jen Hatmaker}

We don’t know the Spirit intimately, because we are never quiet enough.” {Esther Burroughs}

Let Go. Lighten up. Relax. Trust. Rest. Drink in life in big gulps. You have enough for each day. Be still. Stop. Listen.


Being a good mom is incredibly hard work. It’s taxing and sacrificial. It’s effortful and straining. So often I wrongly equate rest for  laziness.

But being a good mother doesn’t mean that you forfeit permission to rest.


Perhaps you don’t have the ocean to remind you to unwind today, but maybe it’s the quiet of the morning when the house is still sleeping, or a car ride while your baby sleeps, or a stroll around the neighborhood…or perhaps it’s even a moment when you lock yourself in the bathroom for a mere ten minutes.  It’s in these moments of rest that we find gratefulness, strength, wisdom, encouragement and joy. (2 Corinthians 13)

So what does rest look like practically for me as a mother of 4 rowdy five year old boys?  I’m still hashing it out, but I’m pretty sure it includes:

  • Time in The Word each day
  • Listening to music
  • Finding time to read
  • Letting go of some of my checklist items in exchange for some unwinding in the evenings
  • Sneaking out of the house bi-monthly or even weekly for an hour or two of alone time
  • Going for frequent walks to exercise and clear my mind

How Do You Make Rest a Priority in Your Daily Routine?