Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 14}: Make a Bow and Arrow

Day 14 Make a Bow and Arrow Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys

How to Make a Homemade Bow and Arrow…


This adventure is one that will make any boys heart excited! Grab a small hack saw or hand saw and a pair of pruning scissors and head for your nearest wooded area to harvest your bow stick. Find a live sapling or tree limb about 1/2 in thick and 4-6 feet long. Cut it down and use your pruning scissors to snip off all of the small twigs.

how to make a homemade bow and arrow from a tree limb

Next, we loaded up and headed to our local superstore. We picked up some 5/16" dow rods from the crafts section and also bought some string for the bow. On our way home, we stopped by the neighborhood pond where the geese hang out and picked up some feathers to make the arrow veins.

making a bow and arrow from a tree branch homemade

At home, cut your bow to it’s final length which should be at or just above your child’s belly button from the ground. Tie your string to one end. Turn the bow over and push down on the end to give your bow a slight bend and get some tension on the bowstring. Pull the string over the end of the bent bow and then wrap the string around the end 6-8 times, then tie it off.

Last for the bow, wrap electrical tape around your knots on both ends, around the middle for a handle, and around the string where you should put the arrow.

homemade bow and arrow for boys

The arrow construction is pretty simple. Cut the dow to the desired arrow length. (18-24 inches) Wrap electrical tape near the rear of the arrow to prevent the arrow from splitting. Next, notch out the back end with an X-Acto knife or saw so it will seat on the string. Use an exact knife to cut one side off of your feather, then glue a 3-4 inch length of the 1/2 feather to each side.

how to make a homemade bow and arrow for boys


  Helpful Tips/Resources:

* If you can’t find feathers, or have trouble getting them glued on right, tape paper feathers around your arrow, anything to keep it flying straight.

* You might have to cut a notch in the ends of your bow for the string to keep it from sliding down.

*Launch arrows at a safe distance from people and valuables. =) Teach your kids safety when using this handmade toy.

* Cut 2-3 bow sticks while you are at the woods in case you break one.

Have You Ever Made or Played With a Homemade Bow and Arrow?

10 thoughts on "Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 14}: Make a Bow and Arrow"

  1. Kristen says:

    I love this. Ironically, my husband and two boys spent the afternoon making a bow and arrow before i even saw this pin (we must be on the same wave length). We took a big card board box and drew “targets” for them to shoot at. What a fun way to spent a beautiful fall day in Colorado. Thanks for all your posts!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      So fun(ny)! So glad you are enjoying these! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventure with me!

  2. My son must of been on that same wave length. I had to check the date of your post compared to my post Let Boys be Boys: and it was like a day a part. So interesting, but its nice to know that others share the belief that children should experience their natural world.

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Checking this out now! Thanks for taking the time to share…glad we have this passion in common! Blessings!

  3. JoBo says:

    My grandson has been wanting a bow and arrow. Can’t wait to try making one.

  4. mema says:

    Or GIRLS!!!

  5. Jenny Thomson says:

    What a fantastic idea, I can’t to share this with
    A young lad I’m working with

  6. Saoirse says:

    hi jen i thought this was amazing for the summer.My kids loved it thanks

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