Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 17}: Camping in the Great Outdoors

Day 17 Go Camping in the Great Outdoors Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys

Go Camping In the Great Outdoors…


camping outdoors with kids great outdoor adventures for kids

There is something so beautiful about spending a night or two under the stars camping.  Perhaps it’s the yummy food over the fire, or letting my boys get dirty with reckless abandon, or the lure of the warm fire, or just being away from the distractions of life.  Or quite possibly it’s the s’mores.

I NEVER thought I would enjoy camping.  I went with a kicking and screaming attitude, and came home with a deeper appreciation for the great outdoors.

I think most of my positive experience was a result of realistic expectations for camping with kids. I knew it would involve dirt.  I knew it would involve a lot of packing.  I knew that there would be work involved.  However, I was assured that once we were settled,  it would be a great family experience. And it has been.

If you are new to camping the backyard is a PERFECT place to start…if you’re looking for a little more adventure try a well-known campground in your area and camp via tent or camper.  I’m a “camping snob” – I sleep in a camper on a “bed” with a “roof” over my head.  I also like campgrounds with showers and super clean restrooms. {And all the camping purest roll their eyes!}

It doesn’t have to be primitive to be camping! 

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  Helpful Tips/Resources:

* Be prepared for all sorts of weather, and be as relaxed as possible are my two biggest tips for an enjoyable camping experience.

* Go over safety procedures/expectations with your kids.

Have you tried camping in the great outdoors?